Earth Heart Strips Written Testimonials


Feet & Toes – No Feeling (Earth Heart Strips)

I am trying an experiment of putting the earth heart strips under my feet in my shoes.  It’s really interesting and it has my feet working in different ways.  For the first time ever, I can crinkle my toes on my right foot and can feel my socks above my foot.  I have not had that feeling for many years and it’s just wonderful.  It feels like it’s letting go of all the pain that’s been in there.  One strip is on the heel, one in the middle, and one on bottom pad of right foot all inside my sock.  I moved the one strip from the center and put it on top of the foot by the ankle and what a relief that has brought – feels like all the joints are letting go but on my toes it’s the most wonderful feeling I could ever describe of feeling them again after years of not being able to move them.

I have the strips with the shining side facing towards my feet.



Cell Phones, Computers, MP3 Players (Earth Hearts)

I have Earth Hearts on our cell phones, computers and a few other electrical things in my house. I have always been sensitive to the electro magnetic frequencies (EMF’s) put out by electronics and sometimes have felt nauseated because of the harmful energy these devices emit.

With the earth hearts I felt an immediate lessening of my EMF induced symptoms. When I’m on my computer the energy I feel from the computer is now much more gentle. I don’t use my cell phone enough to really notice a difference, but I do feel reassured when I place my phone in my pocket that I am being protected from the waves being emitted.  I even put an Earth Heart on my ipod and feel much more relaxed about using it, as it clips onto your clothing and sits next to my body as it plays. The small size of the Earth Hearts makes placing it on tiny devices easy and discreet. I can’t wait to get more hearts and put them on the other electronics I use on a regular basis.



Electric Meter (Earth Heart Strips)

We were finding a lot of imbalance sitting in front of the TV in our home or using different appliances that were giving off a lot of negative energy.  I took 4 of the Earth Heart strips and put them on the incoming power line of my house before the electric meter.  It changed everything in the house making it more harmonious.  The electric appliances are not giving off that uncomfortable buzz that they were before – it’s just brought them into a much more friendlier zone – pretty cool.



Smart Meter & Microwave (Earth Hearts)

I noticed that a smart meter had been installed since 2009 on my home.  I have had a nagging headache every day, nothing real painful and I’m not one to take medicine.  I put the earth hearts on about 5 days ago and was explaining it to a friend of mine.  She asked if I felt any different.  I then realized I didn’t have a headache anymore.  Now I can’t swear it was the earth hearts that does it but I WILL SWEAR it WAS the EARTH HEARTS that did it.  It’s just too coincidental – there is no such thing as coincidence.  Another thing about them is that I have put one on the inside of my microwave and one on the outside which has turned my microwave from the worst thing you can cook with to the BEST thing you can cook with by transmuting those waves from harmful into beneficial – good for the body waves.



Smart Meter (Earth Hearts)

I was so excited to get the Earth Hearts as I had heard about all the horrible things that can happen with the Smart Meters that are on our homes.  Then I realized right at the head of our bed on the outside is our Smart Meter and my husband had Sleep Apnea really bad.  He snores real loud and every few minutes he will stop breathing.  I’m lying there worried that any minute he’s going to conk out on me for lack of oxygen so I’ll reach over and shake him, then he’ll start breathing again and every few minutes he’ll do that all night long.  He’s not getting good sleep and I’m not getting good sleep.  In addition to that he’s got this repetitive leg motion that every 12 seconds he’ll kick his leg out and it shakes the whole bed so we were having a really hard time with that and I began wondering how much that Smart Meter was contributing to the symptoms of his Sleep Apnea.  So I put the Earth Hearts on the Smart Meter according to the directions and that very night my husband’s Sleep Apnea symptoms subsided and he has not had them ever since.  So I’m excited – he’s sleeping well – I’m sleeping well.  Thank you Zero Point Global – it’s amazing.