Citrus Silk Written Testimonials


Alkaline – Acid (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I experimented to test the alkalinity of the products and what they would do with various drinks etc. I went from acidic to alkaline in one day. Put a coke on top of the frequency disc – a saliva test showed it was changed to a 7.5 (purple). The carbonation was still there and tasted good. I put Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix in some coffee and it tasted like delicious chocolate mint coffee.

Accident – 12 year old Car Accident Injury (Citrus Silk, Green Laser)
I was shocked to see the swelling in my sister’s ankle and foot after 12 years of poor circulation caused by a car accident. Even worse, the skin on her foot was grey and the toes were closer to black. All toenails had fungus. As I massaged Citrus Silk into her ankle and foot, I felt how her skin had hardened. I then used the green laser on her lower leg, foot and toes. After 5 to 10 minutes she said she thought she could feel something changing. My husband and I looked down to her foot and we were amazed what we saw right before our eyes. Her feet weren’t normal but they were pinkish rather than black. I was so happy to see there was something to bring life back to her foot.

Accident – Fell on Ice (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
My friend Wil fell very hard on a sheet of ice hurting himself in 6 different places, the shoulder being the worst where he could no longer lift his arm above his waist. We rubbed the Citrus Silk all over his shoulder as well as using the Red Laser. Within about 4 minutes Wil could rotate his shoulder moving it in full circles and could lift his arm far over his head in full extension. It just shows you how quickly the body will receive new information and respond.

Acne (Citrus Silk, Green Laser, Sirius Silver)
My grandson has really bad acne and has tried everything and it just doesn’t work. So he’s been coming down here and just after 3 times of rubbing the Citrus Silk on twice a day, followed with the Green Laser and topping it off with a spray of the Sirius Silver, his skin looks like it was when he was 4 years old. His acne is drying up and he just beams as he is beginning to have a normal look again.

Allergy (Citrus Silk, Sirius Silver)
I was at a meeting and had some kind of allergic reaction in my eyes which were really swollen and red. I first used the Citrus Silk for 2 days which calmed down the redness but it came back and on the 3rd day I had the Sirius Silver to spray in my eyes and ‘boom’… it was gone for good.

Allergy (Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
I had a chronic allergy infection and they gave me a cortisone tablet. I didn’t want to take it but was at the end of my rope and took it. Well, I had an allergic reaction to it which lowered my blood sugar so significantly. I found myself in a parking lot in a shopping center yesterday and I didn’t know where I was, why I was there or how I got there. I was just totally confused. I had some experience with a diabetic before, so I found a partial piece of a candy bar in my purse, ate it, and it raised my blood sugar up enough.

I still had a terrific headache but I knew where I was and how to get home. I got home and was sitting on the couch, still being disoriented and weak and was getting ready to call 911. Lorraine Eldridge called me at this time, which was a miracle in itself the exact same moment I was calling 911. I told her I was in a crisis and listless sitting on the couch and could hardly move. She told me to get the Mint Matrix and put some on the bottom of my feet and in other areas to raise the frequencies of your body. And that’s what these products do — they align our frequencies with the healing frequencies.

She said to put some Mint over where your pancreas is and take the Intention Disc and put it over that area. It stuck there and even when I got up it still stuck. I also used the Green Laser and put the Citrus Silk for my fingernails and toenails. I used the Red Laser over the nails which aligns your body very quickly. I did everything she told me to do and I knew exactly what time it was when this first started.

I was supposed to go to a church meeting that night and it was my time to bring the food which I had about half ready and there was no way I was going to go. Within 20 minutes, my blood sugar was normal and my headache was gone. It’s no telling what would have happened if I had gone to the hospital. I was well in 20 minutes, I had my bearings, I finished preparing the food, and was so grateful. I went to the church meeting, came home, cleaned everything up, and felt fantastic.

When I woke up this morning, my blood sugar was perfect. These products were awesome before but they are really profound and I can see how they can actually save someone’s life. I am so grateful for Lorraine calling me and helping me through that yesterday. She told me if we use the products on a regular basis to bring our frequencies up instead of when a crisis comes up, then our bodies become entrained, meaning pulling our bodies into that level of higher frequencies and then we won’t have those experiences like I had. I really learned so much how powerful these products are which can change our lives.

Burn (Citrus Silk)
The day I got my first shipment of Z.P.G. products, that evening I heated up some herbal tea and drank a cup. I then got busy and a little later came back to drink another cup. I took a big gulp and immediately spit it out, not realizing I forgot to turn the burner off. It burned the inside of my mouth. I grabbed the Citrus Oil Vera – ran to the bathroom and applied it all around the inside of my mouth. Within seconds I had relief from the burn and it only took one application. I thought WOW – I just experienced what I’ve been hearing about – INSTANT GRATIFICATION with these products.

Cancer – Basil Cell Carcinoma (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
Had a spot on head above eye which never did heal & kept coming back. Put Citrus Silk on followed by Red Laser. In about 3 weeks it was 95% better.

Cold – Symptoms (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Mint Matrix, Citrus Silk)
I’ve been using these products for over 2-1/2 years now and I love them all. I have not been sick for years with a cold or the flu and I am a nurse who’s around people all the time and have a private practice doing vibrational healing work. I always work to boost my immune system up. Well, I woke up this morning and felt cold symptoms like someone turning on the faucet. I told myself – no, this is not happening and went to town with my tools. I used the Sirius Silver first spraying around my face and in my nose. I used the Green Laser because it’s so supportive of putting the systems into balance energetically. So I used it on my throat, around my nose, my sinuses and the 4 points of the body. Then I used the Mint Matrix and Citrus Silk layering them on my face and I have to tell you that within an hour I had no more cold symptoms for the whole day.

Cold – Virus (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I thought I had escaped the colds that everyone around me at work were suffering from until one Friday it crashed into my head. I called in sick the following day, expecting to not get out of bed when a friend stopped by with some Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix that she had just received. I had no voice at this time so she just told me to rub the Mint Matrix around my nose (instant sinus clearer) and put a couple of drops of both in some water for me to drink. My voice came back within minutes. I’ve never had a cold that only lasted 2 days.

Congestion in Chest (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
So far I’ve had the experience of using the Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix. My husband was very congested, and I rubbed the Mint Matrix on his chest and under his nose. It helped him greatly and it tastes great in coffee and tea.

Cough (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)
I started having a coughing attack so I sprayed Sirius Silver in my throat and then took the Citrus Silk and with head back, dropped it in my mouth. The cough is gone – it suppressed everything. It was amazing – it’s happened twice in saving my day.

Cravings (Citrus Silk)
I have been drinking water all day long with the Citrus Silk in it. I am having no cravings for certain foods or sugar, having NO De-Tox effects either and I feel vibrant and energetic. I do eat a light meal in the evenings.

Dry Skin (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)
I spray Sirius Silver on face, let dry and they apply the Citrus Silk which has really helped with my dry skin.

Ear – Infection (Green Laser, Citrus Silk)
I have had good results with ear infections. I was at my son’s house over Thanksgiving and one of the neighbor’s boys had an ear infection which the Chiropractor said it was milk allergies so they took him off milk for several days. He was better but she wanted me to test him and his ear was still testing weak. I loaned her a Green Laser to use for the weekend. She shined it in his ear for 1 minute twice a day for 3 days and brought it back when I retested it and it was really strong. I myself had congestion in my ear – I tried the Silver but that didn’t do anything so I took some Citrus Silk and put some on the outside and not directly down in the ear and used the Laser twice and it totally went away.

Eczema (Citrus Silk, Sirius Silver)
I had some kind of scaling on my elbow and was using the Citrus Silk and saw it was starting to go away. So I started spraying on the Silver first and then the Silk and it would act almost like an emulsifier making it very smooth and the scalyness was gone in about 2 days.

Face – Forehead Redness (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I applied the Citrus Silk on quite a few times to the area and found the longer I did this the more it was clearing up and when it became very itchy and angry looking I also applied the Mint Matrix but now it is all clear and I am SO happy.
Jo Ann-IN

Face – Moisturizer (Citrus Silk)
Last evening I spoke to my special friend Maria who was telling me about the Citrus Silk and how she was using it on a painful shoulder and her face every day. So I decided to try it on my face. Well, I’m a skin therapist and I was thinking how you spend a lot of money on skin products. She put it on morning and night. So last night I put just a little on the palm of my hand and took back of my thumb and tapped it around my eyes and all over my face and neck. This morning when I got up at 4:15 to do my 8 mile walk, I was shocked. My skin was so moist and so shiny and not oily – even my throat, because all the other skincare products, by the time you wake up in the morning, your skin is dry or you can’t see or feel any effect of what you’ve put on the night before and the same way in the evening. This has moisture to it – it’s not oily – I am absolutely amazed and I have to thank the company and the person who told me about it.

Face – Pregnancy Mask (Citrus Silk)
I was talking with my younger sister who said she was using the Citrus Silk on the area of her chin where it was dark, calling it a pregnancy mask and said it is going away. She would always wear makeup to cover it over the years.

Face – Skin Care (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
My face does not like products but when I applied the Citrus Silk it felt really nice. I also used the red laser stroking my face with the light. My memory flashed back to going to the Chiropractor that used a red laser on a sinus infection for about 3 minutes.

Fall (Citrus Silk)
I fell down on my head and had a BIG goose egg. I immediately applied the Citrus Silk and the swelling came down right away.

Feet – Stiff & Sore (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)
It’s been 30 years since I could spend much time on my feet. I was at a 2-day Expo and at the end of the first day I realized I was getting stiff and wondering what was wrong. Then I realized I was standing for most of the 8 hours so I soaked my feet in Sirius Silver, acid water and Citrus Silk that night. I went and did it again the whole next day and I was fine. It’s been 30 years since I could do anything close to standing on my feet for 8 hours.

Fracture – Wrist (Citrus Silk, Basic Pendant)
My son is very athletic and fractured his wrist while playing a game. The doctor said he had a fracture and a shadow showed up on the x-rays in his right wrist. The doctor told him the only way it would heal was to put a cast on from his knuckles to his bicep but he did not do that.
So I put the Citrus Silk on about 4 times a day and when he was home would wrap the pendant around his wrist. These are the only 2 things I had. He went back to the doctor 9 days later because he had another Tournament coming up and the 2nd X-ray showed his fracture was gone – the doctor was shocked and couldn’t believe it had completely healed in 10 days.

Headache – Runny Nose from Pesticide Reaction (Mint Matrix, Citrus silk)
My daughter came home from work with a runny nose and headache that she attributed to pesticide that had been sprayed in the whole office the night before. I put a drop of mint matrix in a bottle of water and shook it up. We both noted that the water had bubbles in it like it was effervescent. She drank half of it and wanted to try the Citrus Silk in water also, so I put a drop of it in another bottle of water and she drank half of it. Her runny nose had subsided by that time – in about 20 minutes.

Mole (Citrus silk, Green Laser)
I had a mole on my face about the size of a pencil eraser. I applied the Citrus Silk about 4x/day and then used the Green Laser for 5 min each time. By the 2nd day it was drying up and I was able to lift half of it up and by the end of 5 days was able to remove it off completely.

ODD (Mint Matrix, Citrus Silk)
My sister’s son has ODD. He has been going to different schools and is now in a Special ED class and was actually put back a year. My sister has been putting the Mint Matrix on his toothpaste and 1 drop on his tongue. Then she takes 2-3 drops Citrus Silk and mixes it with 6 oz of water, shakes it up and sprays it on his hair and rubs gel in too. She also puts some Citrus Silk in his hair conditioner.
She also sends him to school with a little Citrus Silk mixed in water for him to drink as well as sprays it on his food. She has been doing this for about a month. After 3 days the teachers were wondering what was going on with Gabe. She did this all while I was gone. Every day he was getting good reports. After one week the teacher said she was putting him in his grade of math class to see how he does. So far he is doing fantastic with more clarity and focus and the teacher is so happy. (to be cont’d) :-)))

Pain – Finger (Red Laser, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
When I was at work on Wednesday, I was lifting 6 pre-hung heavy doors on to a cart and the last one slipped out of my hands hurting the knuckle on my index finger. So I went back to my desk rubbing it as it hurt a little and then lasered it a little with my Red Laser and got busy and forgot about it. Thursday morning I had off from work and when I got up I could not lift a coffee cup and could not move my finger as it was so swollen with the knuckle about 3 times the size it should have been. I started lasering it and took my Intention Disc and layed it around my knuckle and tied it on. By the end of the day, the swelling and pain had gone down quite a bit but it did not move. So the next day I’m lasering it and putting oils on and at night put the disc on again. The Intention disc worked better for me than the frequency disc.

Pain – Fingernail (Citrus Silk, Green Laser)
I let my nails grow long and happened to hit my middle finger at work. It bent the nail half way down the nail bed which hurt and bled. When I got home I put the Citrus Silk on it 3 times and used the Green Laser. The next day I could touch it and it didn’t hurt.

Pain – Foot – Swollen Since Jan/2011(Citrus Silk)
I massaged a few drops of Citrus Silk into the top of my swollen foot, the residual effect from an accident to my knee in Jan/2011, and went to bed. The next day I had a proper looking foot again. The swelling disappeared overnight and hasn’t returned.

Pain – Gout (Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)
Yesterday when I woke up my big toe on right foot was solidly swollen looking like the gout was coming back. I’ve had gout so bad from my big toe all the way up my leg in one night. Lu said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten off the gout meds” but I said no, I have worked and worked on it putting Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, using the Red and Green Laser and the Sirius Pointer over and over little increments at a time. I woke up today and my right foot is in better shape now than the left one which I hadn’t worked on too much yesterday. The gout or whatever it was is gone. I can waggle my toe which I could hardly move before. I had really bad pain in it yesterday. When I drove by the hockey rings yesterday, I said to myself I’m going to skate again and play hockey which I had thought was a thing of the past for me. I know it’s coming.

Pain – Hands (Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Citrus Silk)
I was at a health fair and did reflexology for 3 hours straight. My hands were really sore and when I came home I used the Mint Matrix and the Red Laser which took away a lot of the pain. I then rubbed in the Citrus Silk and about ½ hour later I realized there was no pain.

Pain – Herniated Disk (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
Put 1 drop of the Citrus Silk on a herniated disk and followed with the Red Laser. I could feel a release and had no pain.

Pain – Intestinal (Mint Matrix, Citrus Silk)
This is someone who had cancer in his eye that moved into his brain so his immune system has been shot. He has been using the oils and loves the Citrus Silk as an after-shave. The Mint Matrix he puts a drop in a glass of water to drink. Usually as soon as it gets cold in Canada he is sick all the time but has not been sick now, not even the sniffles. He also had severe discomfort in his intestines where he couldn’t touch his lower abdomen or bend over and had been in the hospital on mega doses of morphine trying to control the discomfort. There is some scar tissue in the duodenum and the issue has flared up a bit so he uses the Mint Matrix to control the discomfort and can’t say enough about the Mint helping his discomfort.

Pain – Knee (Citrus Silk)
Citrus Silk really helped with pain but cannot do anything for any bio-mechanical issues.

Pain – Knee (Citrus Silk)
My knee pain was waking me up at night so I applied a drop of Citrus Silk and could feel the pain alleviating. It greatly improved and I did not wake up. My sleep was also greatly improved.

Pain – Knee & Back (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I received my first order this Tuesday Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix these products are amazing. I have been having trouble with my right leg knee for several years and nothing seemed to help the pain for very long. Including the black tip from our former company it would make the pain go away for awhile but it would come back within an hour or so. But as soon as I opened my package I put two drops of Mint Matrix on my right knee and rubbed it in good then I put two drops of Citrus Silk on the same knee and within two minutes the pain was gone and it hasn’t come back yet and it has been two days I’m excited.
And last night we had Bible study at our house and after we got done I saw that one of the guys had some pain and I asked him if he was in pain. He said that his lower back and hip was bothering him I said that I had a new product that I wanted to try on him, he asked me what it was and I explained what it was and how it helped me and my dog he said go for it. I put two drops of Citrus Silk on his lower back and rubbed it in then I put a drop on the back of his neck and rubbed that in he said that he could feel something. Then one of the ladies told me that she might have to have knee surgery because her knee hurt her so much. I told her that she should hold off for awhile and see if I could help her with my new products and she said could you do it now and I told her yes, it will only take a minute so I put two drops of Citrus Silk on her knee and I asked her to rub it in. Within two minutes she said that it didn’t hurt as much and said that maybe she wouldn’t have to surgery. Boy I’m so excited about these products I can’t wait for my Zero Point Red NaturaLaser to come.

Pain – Knees (Sirius Balance Pendant, Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)
I have torn meniscus in my knees. I was in constant pain and had a great deal of trouble walking, especially on stairs. I wear the Sirius Balance Pendant, sleep with the Frequency Disc, use the Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk. Now my knees don’t hurt. Even when I twisted my knees the wrong way and irritated the meniscus, the pain went away very quickly.

Pain – Muscles (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
I strained my muscles when I was cleaning out the garage and lifting heavy objects. The pain was on my right side in my neck, down my back and moving around my lungs, and I wasn’t sure if it was muscular or respiratory. It was getting steadily worse, and in the past it would have progressed to muscle spasms that would take days or weeks to subside. The Frequency Discs provided relief in the places where I put them, but because a whole set of muscles was involved the pain would return when they came off. I had a friend put on Citrus Silk and use the Red Laser on the areas, and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and has not returned.

Pain – Neck & Shoulder (citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)
I just got my Red Laser. I started with the Oils and then the frequency disc which I love. My background as an Acupuncturist has been the red light as I manufactured an Acupuncture Red light for 15 years and was anxious to get this one as it seemed so tiny compared to mine. I wondered how it would do – even 20 years ago I knew we could program frequencies on top of the red light and I had seen many miracles over the years. But when I got this in Saturday, I had been using my red light, I had been using 5 wands from my previous company wrapped together. I had been using a cold laser that is a $7000 unit. Then when I got this one, the little button drove me crazy so I wrapped a rubber band around it so the light would stay on. I wrapped it to a tiny little pillow and rather than doing circles, I pointed it right to the area of my shoulder that I’ve been having physical therapy for the last 6 weeks. I sat for an hour like this just allowing it to saturate the area. It relaxed so quickly that my muscle just melted like butter. And I’m telling you that after an hour my neck and shoulder are better than 6 weeks of physical therapy so I am VERY excited. I called some other people and suggested to leave it on longer and just point it at the trigger point that is tender and you can feel the energy of the frequencies that have been programmed in it.

Pain – Rotator Cuff (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I pulled my rotor cuff in left shoulder and I’m left handed and couldn’t use my arm for about 4 days. I tried the 3” disc which helped quite a bit to move my elbow. And then I got the oils and tried the Citrus Silk which helped for about an hour. It was extreme, all the way down my left shoulder blade and down to my wrist. I then tried the Mint Matrix and my arm within 2 minutes the pain was cleared off – I could move it, extend it and raise my arm and that was just using the Mint Matrix alone. Then 2 days later I went dancing at a wedding because I felt so great and woke up in the night around 3am completely immobilized. I put the Mint Matrix on and it cleared up completely.

Pain – Wrist (Sirius Balance Pendant, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
We have a wood burning stove and I’ve been splitting firewood for 25 years. A few years ago the result of all that work, using a sledge hammer and splitting axe, caught up to me! My left wrist and thumb joint developed an aching, burning sensation that I felt most of the time. In fact, the discomfort would sometimes be so intense that I had difficulty sleeping. I began wearing a magnetic/energy bracelet. As long as I was wearing the bracelet I had no pain. More recently, I began wearing the Sirius Balance Pendant and decided to stop wearing the bracelet. Happily and surprisingly my wrist continued to remain pain free! I was amazed because I thought I would need to have something in direct contact with my wrist to get the benefit. So, not only am I getting pain relief, but I’m getting all the other benefits the Sirius Balance Pendant provides! Everything I’ve experienced with these products has simply been mind-blowing.
Update: Last night I got a throbbing pain just below my thumb on the underside of my wrist and it was so bad that it woke me up. I got up and rubbed the Citrus Silk on and used the Red Laser working on it about 2 minutes. The pain left and is still gone today, the next day.

Rosacea (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
When I eat too many carbs and sugars I get red with bumps all over my face. I applied the Citrus Silk and the red faded away but the bumps got worse and 4 days later they started going away. When the bumps were getting worse it was probably going through a detox.
Update: I have been hesitant to use the Mint Matrix as I am so sensitive to Mint and went through a lot of detox when I first started using it. The Rosacea was getting better but then it stopped getting better. I then started using 1 drop of the Mint mixed with water in my hand so it wouldn’t be so direct and now it is getter better. I did not get a reaction to the Mint either.

Scar (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
When I was 6 years old, I stuck my thumb in a wringer washing machine and cut my thumb off… it was just hanging by the skin. The hospital said chances are you will never be able to use this thumb again and you’ll have this vicious scar the rest of your life. I have been applying the Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix on the raised scar, along with the red laser and it is going away.

Skin – Patch on Shoulder (Citrus Silk)
About the size of deck of cards, was raised, had rough high red edges & itched like crazy. For years have tried everything… Put Citrus Silk on for 2 mornings and it is gone. Skin is back to normal with no itching. Amazing!

Skin – Cold Weather (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)
I live in the cold northeast where we just got a snowfall of 12 inches. As the seasons change, many of us experience physical reactions and I’m one that has always been affected by the extreme cold. My cuticles crack and bleed, my lips split and crack, and for most of my life I have always had to use lip balm and skin repair cream. So for the past 3 winters I’ve been lasering my water, cuticles and lips. I drink about 3 liters of lasered water a day which seems to super hydrate it to a point where it made my skin more tender and resilient. I laser my cuticles for 10 seconds each and my lips for 30 seconds each morning. I also incorporate the Citrus Silk into my cuticles and nails and put the Mint Matrix on my lips. For the past few winters I have not cracked nor bled at all. That has just been fantastic and I’m looking forward to the 4th winter of healthy skin with zero point tools. I just want to say, “thank you Zero Point” for such profound changes in my skin.

Skin (Citrus Silk)
My oldest daughter has had issues with her skin as a teenager and has been using the Citrus Silk and was telling me that men at her work have been asking “what are you doing to your skin – you absolutely GLOW”? She was quite pleased, especially that it was men that noticed. My daughter is 38 and I can see where her skin has tightened up and even my mom commented on how fabulous her skin looks.

Skin – Dry Spots (Citrus Silk)
I have had some dry scaly spots on my legs and have been told by a dermatologist years ago that this is like a pre-cancerous kind of condition and not to worry about it unless they change. I have 18 little spots that are about ¼ inch long and have been rubbing Citrus Silk on them, not every day but just when I think of it. I am noticing they are all shrinking and disappearing. Have been doing this about 3 weeks now and did take pictures.

Sleep (Citrus Silk, Sirius Balance Pendant)
Have not been able to sleep well so I sprayed some Citrus Silk in tall glass of water before bed and it was so refreshing, I slept through the night. Also using the Sirius Balance Pendant.

Sun Tan Lotion (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)
I like the beauty aspects as well as the healing aspects of the Zero Point tools. I have fair skin and when I go into the sun, I apply Citrus Silk on as a sun tan lotion instead of the toxic lotions. I’m able to get the Vitamin D that I need, and I keep from getting burned and my skin feels softer, better and smoother. Last summer one of the Estheticians had recommended using Mint Matrix on the corners of the eyes as an exfoliate. I had just come back from Myrtle Beach and I had a sun tan for the first time instead of pealing along the hairline and my face being red, it went to a tan and I was so excited. I decided to see if the Mint Matrix would exfoliate the skin so I put it all over my whole face. I don’t recommend that for everyone as it has a very cooling effect so try a little patch first – some people think it feels like it burns but I use all the tools and it’s not a problem for me. So I put in on my face and sent to sleep. I woke up the next day and my face was creamy white and skin was just glistening – it is a great beauty tool.

Varicose Vein (Citrus Silk)
I put the Citrus Silk on the vein and had relief within minutes. I continued applying 2x/day 30 seconds each for 3 days and it became normal and flattened down.

Varicose Vein (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)
I massaged in the Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix and then used the red laser about a minute. It disappeared and then came back. I did this 4x in one day and next day it was almost gone.

Wrinkles (Citrus Silk, Sirius Infinity Pointer)
About 6 months ago I noticed I was getting parallel vertical creases between my eyebrows. First I washed my face and applied the Citrus Silk on my face which I have always been doing. I then took 2 of the Sirius pointers and using the sides rubbed them up my forehead starting at the bridge of my nose for about 45 seconds alternating them so there was always pressure on that area. The wrinkles completely disappeared and I did it several more times since then and they have not returned. So I am excited about the potential of this for wrinkles all over the face and encourage people to try it on different areas as well.

Anxiety – Taking Air Force Test (Red Laser, Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Green Laser, Citrus Silk)
On 11/17/11 my Daughter had a test to take for entering the Air Force, which she knew was going to be very hard to pass. She was very nervous and had a backache, so asked if I had something that would help. I shined the Red NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, inside of her wrist, and back of her neck for about 30 seconds each. I then put some Mint Matrix on the bottom and top of her spine and ran the Red NaturaLaser up and down her spine and across her hips. I then handed her the Intention Disc and told her to hold it and state an intention for her nervousness to dissipate and be replaced with confidence and recall of what she learned from her studies. She said her back felt much better and that she felt calmer. She took the Intention Disc with her also and kept it in her pocket. She said she didn’t pass the test, but did much better than on the pre-test and wasn’t tensed up at all.
Update: On 12/1/11 my Daughter went to re-take her test after coming home early from work to use the products first. She did not have a backache, so I had her put some Mint Matrix in her navel and rub the residual on her fingers on her temples. Then I shined the Green NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, the inside of her wrist and at her brain stem area for about 30 seconds each. I gave her the Intention Disc and told her to this time state she was ready to release any incoherent energy that kept her from passing her Air Force test and that it is now her intention to have full clarity and focus to allow her to pass it now. She took the Intention Disc with her again along with a water bottle with Citrus Silk in it. And…yes She PASSED! She is so happy the products were available to help her get through this phase!

Horse Saved Twice (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)
This 5-yr old horse named Jolie was coming up lame with abscess in his hoof – veterinarian was not giving much hope and the owner was ready to put the horse down. Kat and the owner used the Citrus Silk with the Red laser for a couple weeks. They took the horse to the Ferrier who said it showed no sign of the abscesses and it was healing well. So they when they went to take the horse home in the trailer it bolted as it was not trained well yet. Jolie got a deep injury on his leg which went all the way to the hoof so Kat immediately applied the red laser and was surprised it was not bleeding profusely as deep as the wound was. They took pictures and you could see it was healing up nicely. Thanks to Lorraine Eldridge who helped with supplying the products so quickly for the horse. A few days later Kat is surprised to see it healing up as quickly as it is because there is a process with horses where they develop “proud flesh”, yet it is healing much more quickly without complications. Also what is remarkable is that the horse has not been pestering at it his wound, flies are not attracted to the wound and Jolie is comfortable with the healing.

Citrus Silk & Mint Matrix – Various Uses
I would like to comment on the Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix. Besides tasting good on all foods and drinks, I’ve been brushing my teeth with the Mint leaving my mouth so clean and teeth whiter. I have used it for several small cuts and it takes the pain away right away. My husband threw his back out, so I rubbed the Mint all along his spine which really helped him. My pH is very good now in my body when testing it with the pH strips.

Pain – Arm (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Silver, Aum Clay)
In preparation for an overseas trip I needed to get some vaccinations. My first vaccination was 3 months ago. After getting the vaccination I had limited range of motion in one shoulder, pain in the shoulder blade area, pain in the deltoid and pectral area of that arm and pain at the injection site. I got a great deal of pain relief when I heard from others to start sleeping on my back on an 8″ Frequency disc with a 3.5″ disc on top. This got rid of the pain in my shoulder blade area in just a few nights, but the upper arm pain and limited range of motion has persisted even though I have consistently used the lasers or the Oil Veras on the area. I even used an ace bandage at night with 2 ZeroPoint pendants on either side of my upper arm. This also helped but didn’t completely get rid of the pain and limited range of motion. 3 days ago I added the Aum Clay. I am now getting periods of relief of the pain and a consistant improvement to the range in motion. I spray Sirius Silver on my upper arm to dampen it and then I dust on the clay with a makeup compact pad. We leave in the morning for our foreign travel and I have packed my Aum clay along with my Oil Veras, and lasers.