Red Natura Laser Written Testimonials


Accident – Fell on Ice (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

My friend Wil fell very hard on a sheet of ice hurting himself in 6 different places, the shoulder being the worst where he could no longer lift his arm above his waist.  We rubbed the Citrus Silk all over his shoulder as well as using the Red Laser.  Within about 4 minutes Wil could rotate his shoulder moving it in full circles and could lift his arm far over his head in full extension.  It just shows you how quickly the body will receive new information and respond.



Accident – Fell on Ice (Red Laser, Green Laser, Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

I had a demonstration where people came by to see the products in a church hall.  When it was all finished on a Friday after midnight, I was doing a delivery to a consultant who was taking off first thing the next morning.  In the dark, I did not see a sheet of glared ice as I was hurrying to the door, my feet went out from underneath me and I feel my knee go backwards and crashed down upon my kneecap and my hip lying there unable to move for 2 minutes.  My friend noticed I wasn’t coming to the door and came out and helped me hobble to the car to make the delivery.  The lady had to come to my car as I was too badly injured.  I got the Red and Green Laser and Infinity Pointer out of my purse shining them on my kneecap area and said I need to go to the hospital where I was admitted.  I was 9 hours in emergency, had some X-rays and when the doctor came to examine my knee, it appeared there were no fractures but looked like I ripped the ligaments off of the bone since I wasn’t able to put any weight on my leg.  I’d have to wear a splint or a cast with fiberglass and foam which would immobilize my leg and when the inflammation was down they’d look at surgery to reattach the ligaments.  My initial assessment was I would have months of pain.  I had all my products with me so while in the emergency room I got them out, put a frequency disc underneath my knee and put Mint Matrix on it.  My knee was swelled up to 3 times it’s size but I wasn’t having hardly any pain.  They put the splint on and had to use crutches.  At home I continued using the products faithfully and regularly and I am amazed to find that after the initial 2 days of inflammation I was hardly having any pain which is unusual for having an injury like this.  It is now day 6 and I am able to put my foot down on the floor putting weight on it, whereas they told me it would be quite a few weeks.  I am so amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself so quickly when given the information that our products contain and operating at such a level that I am doing excelerated healing.



Adult ADD (Intention Disc, Sodalite Window Pendant, Sirius Balance Pendant, Red Laser)

Had no energy, couldn’t think clearly for 25 years, 2 years ago Doc said I had Adult ADD.  Put Intention disc in pocket, Sodalite & Sirius Pendant around neck, used Red Laser, and within days could tell a huge difference, have more clarity & alertness, experienced emotional & toxic clearing from the pendants. These products changed my life.



Allergy (Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

I had a chronic allergy infection and they gave me a cortisone tablet.   I didn’t want to take it but was at the end of my rope and took it.  Well, I had an allergic reaction to it which lowered my blood sugar so significantly.  I found myself in a parking lot in a shopping center yesterday and I didn’t know where I was, why I was there or how I got there.  I was just totally confused.  I had some experience with a diabetic before, so I found a partial piece of a candy bar in my purse, ate it, and it raised my blood sugar up enough.

I still had a terrific headache but I knew where I was and how to get home.   I got home and was sitting on the couch, still being disoriented and weak and was getting ready to call 911.  Lorraine Eldridge called me at this time, which was a miracle in itself the exact same moment I was calling 911.  I told her I was in a crisis and listless sitting on the couch and could hardly move.  She told me to get the Mint Matrix and put some on the bottom of my feet and in other areas to raise the frequencies of your body.  And that’s what these products do — they align our frequencies with the healing frequencies.

She said to put some Mint over where your pancreas is and take the Intention Disc and put it over that area.  It stuck there and even when I got up it still stuck.  I also used the Green Laser and put the Citrus Silk for my fingernails and toenails.  I used the Red Laser over the nails which aligns your body very quickly.  I did everything she told me to do and I knew exactly what time it was when this first started.

I was supposed to go to a church meeting that night and it was my time to bring the food which I had about half ready and there was no way I was going to go.  Within 20 minutes, my blood sugar was normal and my headache was gone.  It’s no telling what would have happened if I had gone to the hospital.  I was well in 20 minutes, I had my bearings, I finished preparing the food, and was so grateful.  I went to the church meeting, came home, cleaned everything up, and felt fantastic.

When I woke up this morning, my blood sugar was perfect.  These products were awesome before but they are really profound and I can see how they can actually save someone’s life.  I am so grateful for Lorraine calling me and helping me through that yesterday.  She told me if we use the products on a regular basis to bring our frequencies up instead of when a crisis comes up, then our bodies become entrained, meaning pulling our bodies into that level of higher frequencies and then we won’t have those experiences like I had.  I really learned so much how powerful these products are which can change our lives.



Arthritis – Hands (Red Laser)

I have developed Arthritis in my hands and one of the areas that is the most severe is in my right thumb which was really bothering me the other night.  Any time I would bend or flex it there would be a sharp pain in it.  All I did was take the Red Laser and hold it on the spot where the pain was originating and in 10 or 15 seconds the pain was totally gone.  I love to play the piano and using the laser on it gives me full dexterity of my hand and thumb.  It is just wonderful to be able to have access to something that can really change your life.



Arthritis – Knee (Mint Matrix, Frequency Disc, Red Laser)

I have had a history of rheumatoid arthritis and had a flare up on my knee.  I have used the Mint Matrix on the knee and I do find some relief and do this several times a day, but last night my overall joints were aching so badly that I laid in bed for 2 hours trying to get comfortable and finally got to sleep.  I just got up, ran a hot bath putting about 1 tsp of the Mint Matrix in the water and the 8” frequency disc in also and sat in it for about 20 minutes.  I went back to bed and slept the most hours I have slept at one time for weeks.

Update: I also have had a hip issue recently and was thrilled with the relief I got with just using the Mint Matrix.  But now using the Red Laser with the Mint is just amazing.  I have not been able to get much sleep at night because of pain in my hips and last night since I had just gotten the Laser, I got up when it was hurting, rubbed the Mint on and used the Red Laser.  I then fell into such a deep sleep that I didn’t even hear my husband get up in the morning, so the combination has just been a great increase in the benefits so I really LOVE these products.



Bladder Infection (Red Laser)

My daughter came down with a bladder infection, and was screaming in pain.  I red lasered her bladder acu-pressure points on her feet and teeth.  She fell asleep and woke up 30 minutes later with no bladder infection!



Burn Sirius Pointer (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser, Mint Matrix)

I was at a youth conference on Saturday making hot chocolate and was pouring a huge container of hot water to make the drink and got boiling water all over my left hand which hurt a lot.  As soon as I could put it down, I disappeared and first used the Pointer, then the Silver and Red & Green Laser.  Each thing I did helped a little but when I put the Mint Matrix on, the pain stopped.  No scarring or blistering, no residual pain or nothing.



Cancer – Basil Cell Carcinoma (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

Had a spot on head above eye which never did heal & kept coming back.  Put Citrus Silk on followed by Red Laser.  In about 3 weeks it was 95% better.



Cancer – Cervical (Basic Pendant, Red Laser)

The last week of March I had a Pap test done that came back abnormal, my Dr. said she saw min/mod pre cancer cells that were dysplastic in nature, which means highly abnormal cells usually cancerous in nature, and said it was H.P.V. in the beginning stages. Her hope was that the biopsy would show it had stayed the same but that it might have gotten worse Then she scheduled me for the culposcopy (biopsy) to better know what we were dealing with, and how to remove it. I called Lisa and set up an appt. to go to her house and listen to her… I was ready to hear all about Zero point, and tell her of the Dr.’s findings and what was to happen soon.

Lisa told me about the power of Zero point , the necklace, the red laser, and showed me the acupressure points that relate to female reproductive organs. I purchased a starter kit, necklace and laser, and for 48 hours before my biopsy, I lasered the inside of my left ankle, 8-10 times each day , and wore my tigers eye necklace.

I then went in for the culposcopy and waited for the results. 3 days later the nurse called me at work, I walked outside for some quiet, and heard her say “Ms. Bailey, I don’t know what you did, between the Pap test and the Culposcopy, but the dysplastic HPV cells are completely gone, there is no trace of any abnormal cells on your cervix. I knew what I had done, but didn’t think the nurse was open to hearing it at that point. I hung up and immediately called Lisa, I wanted to cry with relief, and told her the amazing news. She didn’t seem surprised, but said I should write this down and share it, so I am.



Cancer – Possible Melanoma? (Red Laser)

My mother suspected it was melanoma as she had undergone treatment for melanoma twice in the past.  She was not going to undergo treatment again and was resigned to let nature take its course, so never had this growth diagnosed.  Luckily I came across ZeroPoint Global!  Please note that she was a VERY QUICK RESPONDER!  It completely disappeared and her skin was absolutely normal! Results will vary widely, but I have had several people with warts, moles, and other skin conditions just fall off the body – sometimes overnight!


Canker Sore (Red Laser)

Red Laser stopped it and gone in 2 days.



Cramp – Charley Horse at night (Red Laser)

Used Red Laser and it was instantly gone.



Cut – Toe (Red Laser, Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc)

I was cutting up produce on a light-weight cutting board when it slipped off the counter and the knife went into my barefoot big toe giving it quite a slice, bleeding and a bit painful.  I got all my tools out and put the red laser on it applying pressure to it in between.  Someone reminded me to use the Sirius Silver on it – I hadn’t used it enough to even think of it.  I started spraying it on and could not bend my toe down or touch the top without causing a high degree of pain.  I also leaned against the frequency disc because I couldn’t put it on top on my toe due to the pain. By the next morning I had just a small amount of sensitivity and I had full range of motion in my toe.



Eyes – Vision Improved (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser)

I was on my way to an event and lost my glasses somehow.  I have not been to live without them for the last 25 years without getting blasting headaches, sick, disorientated, falling over and everything a blur.  Just today I took off my glasses and can read the small print on my calendar.  I am getting my eyesight back.  I threw away my medications a week ago and have not touched them since.  I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my whole life.  Both of my doctors said “we don’t know what’s happened but your organs are all testing 100% normal – you do not have to come see us anymore unless you are experiencing heart pain or whatever – just do what you’re doing) (always check with your doctor first if your issue is well enough to cut down on meds)


CONFIRMATION:  I have known Wil for 25 years and have seen him without his glasses for 3 days now for first time since knowing him.  He is even driving without them, saying he sees better without them.  First it was Trifocals to 4-year old glasses and then he discovered he could see better without them.  That is simply amazing to me – it is true, I am witnessing it.  He is spraying the Sirius Silver in his eyes and Wil never does anything half-way – he does everything to the extreme.  He is also putting the Red and Green laser as well as the Sirius Pointer in his navel.

One thing I learned from people who had been using big lasers for years is that all the blood in our body passes through our navel every 7 minutes.  So maybe by doing this, we are energizing our blood, clearing microbes, increasing oxygen, I don’t know but that’s what theirs did.  They said if you put a high frequency into your navel you are benefiting all of your body because the blood is connected to all of your body, etc.



Face – Skin Care (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

My face does not like products but when I applied the Citrus Silk it felt really nice.  I also used the red laser stroking my face with the light.  My memory flashed back to going to the Chiropractor that used a red laser on a sinus infection for about 3 minutes.



Finger Smashed (Red Laser)

Red Laser for about a minute until throbbing stopped.  Did not lose nail and no bruising



Flu (Sirius Silver, Red Laser)

I and some others were doing a Leadership meeting in Utah on a Friday night and my friend Trevor was there and was telling a story of how he came down with the flu yet he looked just fine.  He told us how he didn’t think he was going to come and grabbed the Silver spraying it in his throat and did the red laser on his throat and in an hour he was feeling great.  In our meeting that night we were sitting outside at a restaurant where it was a little chilly.  I saw him come in the next morning and he made a beeline to the table where we had the Silver sitting and I saw him immediately spray some in his mouth and throat and then put red laser on it.  He told me later that it sort of came back because of the night before sitting in the cold air and 2 hours later he stood up and did a testimonial.  It’s definitely a great product and I’m excited to have it in our line.



Fracture – Foot (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

My friend Carol came over today, she thought she sprained her ankle. In actuality she had fractured her foot. I lasered with the red laser where her foot was swollen, placed an 8″ Frequency Disc on her lower back, and a 3.5″ Frequency Disc on her foot. In 20 mins. she walked with no pain. It lasted 2 hrs. until she over-did it.



Gastroparesis (Mint Matrix, Basic Pendant, Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

A friend of mine, Pam, came over to the hospital to visit me about 12 days ago inviting me to come over to her house when I got out.  I am 45 and for 26 years I have been misdiagnosed and undiagnosed and now finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis which is paralysis of the gastro system and many people die from this.  For 20 years I was told this was all in my head and now telling me this and there is no cure.

This last year has been the hardest out of the last 4 in which I lost my colon a year ago and have survived that.  I have had many brushes with death during this time.  I had enough energy to get to church on Sunday and the next Sunday and was thinking I’ve got to get with Pam and start drinking more water, getting on the oils and doing the things I need to do.  I am so sensitive and cannot tolerate medications.  The patch makes me so nauseous making me almost black out and I have terrible reactions to everything.

The Mint Matrix is now taking the place of a medicine that was barely working.  I am able to eat whereas I was unable before.  I am using the water bottle which gives me more fluid in my body than drinking regular water which is helping tremendously with my hydration.  I am using the pendants, the lasers, and the discs.  The opening from my stomach to my small intestine I don’t believe is functioning properly and I am in so much pain that radiates all the way to my back.  I detoxed my pyloric area and drained some bile and there is so much that has been damaged from the inside all these years being told it was all in my head.

By using the products for 12 days now, I have been able to do some things I haven’t been able to for 3 years.  I was able to get out and see some people I hadn’t seen for a very long time and even danced a little.  The only way I can describe this is like a volcano with hot lava – the lava being the energy that is being able to build and build and build in my body that is keeping me up and going.  The energy I had when I was young is coming back.  I have a lot of faith and know I have a purpose in this world and work very hard towards goals I have set.  I know these products are helping me and God gave us this natural earth to use and not use things that kill, like pesticides and drugs with fillers to medicate and damage our bodies.

The frequency disc that I put on my stomach last week—I’m in a stage 5 pain now going to a 3, which has been dropping down from a 9 and 10.  I have not been in a 3 for over 4 years in which I had been falling on the floor with pain but not anymore.  I thank God for someone finding out how to utlilize products to help us.  I have been in the hospital more than out the last 6 months and never going back again.  I’m up dancing and that’s the way it’s going to stay and this is turning around in just 12 days!



Guillain-Barré Syndrome (Red Laser)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but my mother-in-law (Laura) was admitted yesterday. She has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome. There is no cure and getting the attack to subside could take weeks, months or years. She is experiencing most of the symptoms including blindness. A course of treatment has not been determined but she will be in the hospital for likely a week.

Michael started red lasering Laura all over but did focus a lot around the feet and eyes. He did it again Friday night. Yesterday she was able to open her eyes a bit for the first time! Coincidence or the red laser works? don’t know but the red lasering is going to continue now!!!!



Gum Bleeding (Red Laser, Green Laser)

I have this one upper tooth that bleeds like a stuck pig every time I brush my teeth – been going on a long time.   After I am done brushing, I have been using the Red Laser about 2 minutes on the outside followed with the Green for another 2 minutes 2x/day.   I have noticed a big difference in that the bleeding is MUCH less after about a week.



Gum Infection (Red Laser, Green Laser)

Just yesterday I had an infection come up under one of my teeth which was all puffed up and was hurting.  I first applied the Red Laser for couple minutes, then the Green.  I kept this up, alternating the 2 and at the end of 1 hour the infection was completely gone and never returned.



Hangover (Mint Matrix, Red Laser)

Yesterday when I was at work, one of my waitresses came in with a hangover.  She had partied the night before for one of her family’s birthdays and her husband kept pouring wine and she kept drinking it.  So I got out my Mint Matrix and put a drop at the base of her skull and sides of her temples.  Got out the Red Laser and activated all the energy centers and she went away happy.



Jaw (Red Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

My jaw was out of alignment and spent quite a bit of time using the red laser and the pointer going over and over it.  I thought it felt a little better.  Then I went to bed that night and had my tools like the intention disc under the pillow, my pendant, my wand and the only thing I hadn’t done before was sleep with the frequency disc under my pillow which I did now and this morning my jaw is aligned and my teeth are meeting – this is so awesome for me.  I wish I could say which one thing did it.  I felt the most when I was working on it with the new Sirius Pointer but I think it was a combination of working it and then sleeping on the frequency disc.  I am happy – I have my face back – I can eat!



Pain – Back injury at 16 (Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

Put drop Mint Matrix on top and bottom of spine & top of head.  Then use Red Laser and pain goes away.

Update: I have been dealing with this back injury for 40 years – I’ve had some wonderful success with these products but when I get in a car by myself and have to drive a very long distance like 1,000 miles over a 3 day period it really bothers me.  I heard someone talking about the 8” frequency disc so I put one under my car seat to see how I would feel.  I normally feel my back tightening up about 80-90 miles down the road but I drove 425 miles before I stopped and by the time I got there I had experienced no back pain at all.  So 48 hours later I’m on the way back and got home.  I didn’t need to put ice on my back or do any extra things.  I was totally pain free and it was fabulous.  I just LOVE that frequency disc.



Pain – Back & Hip (Red Laser)

My son was taking his mother-in-law back to the Nursing Home and wrenched his back and hurt his hip very badly trying to get her in and out of her wheelchair.  The next morning I went over to see him and he was in so much pain.  I used the Red Laser all over the area and came back in the afternoon and did the same thing.  He hadn’t slept at all the night before but told me the next day he had a fabulous sleep and was up doing laundry at 7:30am.  So when I came over he hugged me so tight because he couldn’t believe he was in so much pain and then it went away so quickly.



Pain – Feet (Red Laser)

My first introduction to the Zero Point products was when I was in the middle of a big move from Maine to California and my right foot locked up and if I tried to walk I was in quite a bit of pain.  I thought I knew quite a bit about different remedies that I could use and tried everything that I could think of, even asking friends to help me.  Several days went by and I was still in a great deal of pain every time I tried to walk.  My Friend Lisa had tried to introduce me to Zero Point Global and I wanted nothing to do with it thinking people must be crazy.  But when you are in pain you’ll do just about anything after awhile so finally I said okay, I’m going to try it.  Within just moments of using the Red Laser the pain went away and never came back.  So I was then crazy about this Laser.  I didn’t even put my pendant on for several days because I thought – what can that little thing do?  So I ran into my friend’s business with the Laser and asked the question – does anyone have any pain?  There were 30 or 40 people in there and a lot of heads came up.  So I had lots of fun not even knowing anything about it, we had no instructions at that time but was having fun just pushing the button and pointing it with the red light.  I was running it around shoulders, hips, elbows, a migraine here, another one there and what FUN that was.  It has been fun ever since and this is a tool I use each and every day.



Pain – Finger Smashed (Red Laser)

I was moving some flagstones which were big heavy rocks and as I was moving one, my finger got in between 2 of them and I really smashed my finger busting it open.  Immediately the blood came out and started throbbing and was hurting big time.  I grabbed the Red Laser and ran it up and down my finger and within a matter of a few seconds to less than a minute the throbbing went away and the blood stopped.  It was still very sore to the touch but the pain went away and no more bleeding.  I was so excited to get some relief in that short time and was glad to have the Laser.  The products are absolutely amazing.  I’ve never seen a product in my 30 plus years experience in this industry where you can get instant gratification.



Pain – Finger (Red Laser, Intention Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix)

When I was at work on Wednesday, I was lifting 6 pre-hung heavy doors on to a cart and the last one slipped out of my hands hurting the knuckle on my index finger.  So I went back to my desk rubbing it as it hurt a little and then lasered it a little with my Red Laser and got busy and forgot about it.  Thursday morning I had off from work and when I got up I could not lift a coffee cup and could not move my finger as it was so swollen with the knuckle about 3 times the size it should have been.  I started lasering it and took my Intention Disc and layed it around my knuckle and tied it on.  By the end of the day, the swelling and pain had gone down quite a bit but it did not move.  So the next day I’m lasering it and putting oils on and at night put the disc on again.  The Intention disc worked better for me than the frequency disc.



Pain – Gout (Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

Yesterday when I woke up my big toe on right foot was solidly swollen looking like the gout was coming back.  I’ve had gout so bad from my big toe all the way up my leg in one night.  Lu said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten off the gout meds” but I said no, I have worked and worked on it putting Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, using the Red and Green Laser and the Sirius Pointer over and over little increments at a time.  I woke up today and my right foot is in better shape now than the left one which I hadn’t worked on too much yesterday.  The gout or whatever it was is gone.  I can waggle my toe which I could hardly move before.  I had really bad pain in it yesterday.  When I drove by the hockey rings yesterday, I said to myself I’m going to skate again and play hockey which I had thought was a thing of the past for me.  I know it’s coming.



Pain – Hands (Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Citrus Silk)

I was at a health fair and did reflexology for 3 hours straight.  My hands were really sore and when I came home I used the Mint Matrix and the Red Laser which took away a lot of the pain.  I then rubbed in the Citrus Silk and about ½ hour later I realized there was no pain.



Pain – Herniated Disk (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

Put 1 drop of the Citrus Silk on a herniated disk and followed with the Red Laser.  I could feel a release and had no pain.



Pain – Hip & Knee Replacement (Red Laser)

My mom has had a hip and knee replacement and just is not mending that well.  She also has Alzheimer’s – is not cognizant what is going on and often does not recognize who I am, but whenever I see her I like to laser her with red laser.  I laser her knee as she has some tendon damage that never has repaired.  What is so amazing is when I am doing this on her knee, all of a sudden she says, laser my neck or my shoulders, do my hands – they hurt too.  She is well enough aware this is having an affect on the way she feels is helping to direct me to other places where she needs some attention.  This to me is amazing as she has a problem communicating and knows the laser is doing something for her.



Pain – Knee (Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

I just wanted to share a little tip.  I walk on a treadmill daily and when I get done walking, my right knee will ache throughout the day because of some arthritis I have in it.  I had been using the Red and Green Lasers on it which would relieve the pain for a short time and then it would come back.  So what I’ve done is taken a couple of the frequency discs and wrap them around the knee with an ace bandage after being on the treadmill, leaving them there for an hour or so and it pretty well eliminates most of the aching and does a much better job. Everyone’s body is different and this is what works best for me.



Pain – Knee (Red Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

Saturday I went to church and banged my knee real hard on the pew.  It hurt so bad.  I had my Red Laser in my purse so I immediately used it on my knee about 3 minutes.  Then I took the Pointer and rubbed it back and forth gently on the spot and I did not get a bruise at all.



Pain – Leg (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

I had an accident with an industrial machine, one that revolves in a circle around the floor.  I forgot how to use it and I held it too long and it rammed into my leg and got this big gouge in my leg.  I used the red laser on it immediately and the bleeding stopped.  (Someone also stopped their nose bleeding with the red laser.) I laid an 8” disc under my back and one under my legs as my whole body had been really tweaked, went to sleep and the next morning I had no bruising, and no pain at all anywhere.



Pain – Muscles (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

I strained my muscles when I was cleaning out the garage and lifting heavy objects.  The pain was on my right side in my neck, down my back and moving around my lungs, and I wasn’t sure if it was muscular or respiratory.  It was getting steadily worse, and in the past it would have progressed to muscle spasms that would take days or weeks to subside.  The Frequency Discs provided relief in the places where I put them, but because a whole set of muscles was involved the pain would return when they came off.  I had a friend put on Citrus Silk and use the Red Laser on the areas, and in 5 minutes the pain was completely gone and has not returned.



Pain – Muscles (Red Laser, Frequency Disc)

About 7 years ago my husband and I started investing in Real Estate and did all the work ourselves like painting, grouting etc.  My whole body would be hurting from holding the paint brush all day and I could hardly open up my hand the next morning.  A few years later I was introduced to Zero Point tools which I started implementing during the day, like I would laser my hands once in awhile and I’d use the small frequency disc at the base of my spine which made all the difference in the world.  I was able to work long hours with absolutely no pain the next day.  It was really amazing how well they worked.  I did not have the Oils at the time but I’m sure adding them would have even worked that much better.



Pain – Neck & Shoulder (citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)

I just got my Red Laser.  I started with the Oils and then the frequency disc which I love.  My background as an Acupuncturist has been the red light as I manufactured an Acupuncture Red light for 15 years and was anxious to get this one as it seemed so tiny compared to mine.  I wondered how it would do – even 20 years ago I knew we could program frequencies on top of the red light and I had seen many miracles over the years.  But when I got this in Saturday, I had been using my red light, I had been using 5 wands from my previous company wrapped together.  I had been using a cold laser that is a $7000 unit.  Then when I got this one, the little button drove me crazy so I wrapped a rubber band around it so the light would stay on.  I wrapped it to a tiny little pillow and rather than doing circles, I pointed it right to the area of my shoulder that I’ve been having physical therapy for the last 6 weeks.  I sat for an hour like this just allowing it to saturate the area.  It relaxed so quickly that my muscle just melted like butter.  And I’m telling you that after an hour my neck and shoulder are better than 6 weeks of physical therapy so I am VERY excited.  I called some other people and suggested to leave it on longer and just point it at the trigger point that is tender and you can feel the energy of the frequencies that have been programmed in it.



Pain – Shingles Mint Matrix, Red Laser Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

This past summer a week after my mom passed away and with the stress of it all showed up in what I believe was Shingles in my mouth.  It was greatly painful.  I did use energy tools to help reduce the pain, but ever since then being the end of July, my teeth didn’t feel like they sat in my mouth.  I just felt this excess pressure.  The Mint Matrix did provide some relief as well as using the Lasers.  A friend of mine had been using the frequency disc on her face to remove the lifelines.  So I took my disc to bed laying it on my face and sleeping with it that way on each cheek.  I did that for quite awhile and today I noticed that I don’t have that problem or feeling of the pressure every time I bite down – it just happened.



Pain – Shoulder (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix, Green Laser, Red Laser)

I’ve been having a problem with my left shoulder for years related to workouts at the gym.  I was experimenting and applied the frequency discs to the left side of my back and much to my surprise, 3 of them stuck for 15 minutes. A fourth disc stuck for 1 hour on the upper part of my back, behind my left shoulder.  I then rubbed the Mint Matrix on my shoulder and used the green laser on that area for two minutes. On a scale of 1-10, the pain went from a 5-6 down to a 2-3.

Update:  After just receiving the red lasers, that night I rubbed 3 drops of the Mint Matrix on my shoulder, used the red laser for a minute or so and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning virtually pain free.  My shoulder is feeling dramatically better! It’s just amazing to me how well these products work.

Update:  I have had an ongoing thing with my shoulder and get these things in my back called ‘trigger points’ which are little knots in the muscle.  Pam helped me located one of these near the scapula on my back on my left side.  So I put a small frequency disc on my mattress so it’s near that spot when I sleep on my back, and put a 2nd one right on the front of my shoulder where the pain seems to be most, like a sandwich, and I’ve been doing this for the last few nights and what I’ve found is that I am having great results in reducing the discomfort by using 2 of these instead of just the one.

Tom – MD


Pain – Wrist (Sirius Balance Pendant, Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

We have a wood burning stove and I’ve been splitting firewood for 25 years. A few years ago the result of all that work, using a sledge hammer and splitting axe, caught up to me! My left wrist and thumb joint developed an aching, burning sensation that I felt most of the time. In fact, the discomfort would sometimes be so intense that I had difficulty sleeping.  I began wearing a magnetic/energy bracelet. As long as I was wearing the bracelet I had no pain.  More recently, I began wearing the Sirius Balance Pendant and decided to stop wearing the bracelet. Happily and surprisingly my wrist continued to remain pain free!  I was amazed because I thought I would need to have something in direct contact with my wrist to get the benefit. So, not only am I getting pain relief, but I’m getting all the other benefits the Sirius Balance Pendant provides! Everything I’ve experienced with these products has simply been mind-blowing.

Update:  Last night I got a throbbing pain just below my thumb on the underside of my wrist and it was so bad that it woke me up.  I got up and rubbed the Citrus Silk on and used the Red Laser working on it about 2 minutes.  The pain left and is still gone today, the next day.



Pain – Various Stories! (Red Laser, Basic Pendant)

I am a Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner and here’s a brief summary of my first 3 days using and sharing the ZeroPoint Global Red Laser & ZeroPoint Pendant:

Arrived 10 am 6/6/08 – Opened package at 1 pm, placed the ZeroPoint pendant around neck, inserted batteries into the red laser, and asked a friend, Brian, if he had any aches…’Shoulder has been bothering me’… I directed the red laser at the sore spot for about 10 seconds, then asked him to see how it felt…”better…still a little sore”  I put the beam back on the spot for a few more seconds, then moved it up and down the spine a few times”  “how’s it now,” I asked.  Brian rotated his shoulder and said…”It’s gone.”

Then I went into the kitchen area of the bakery next door, “Anyone have any pain in here?”  I quickly lasered the spines of 4 people with back and/or shoulder pain – everyone had relief. One lady Roxie, had complete relief from back pain but shoulder persisted and she chased me around the bakery to have me us the red laser again —- then came her relief.

Irma arrives for a lunch date – we lasered our food and beverages while looking over the ZeroPointGlobal literature. Irma waived the red laser over her head a couple of times and said her headache “disappeared instantly.”

Shortly after that Barbara and Theresa arrive to see the newest health tool.  Barbara has had persistent left shoulder and foot stiffness/soreness – so I lasered her shoulders, spine and feet for about 1 minutes total …. Barbara immediately felt her left shoulder release and then one of her feet loosened up. Then Theresa points to a raised hard bump just under her left ear. Apparently an earring perforated her skin during sleep – she awoke about 2 weeks ago with a hard mass with a hole in the middle —-  about the diameter of a dime and raised about the thickness of a couple of nickels.  I directly red lasered her on the spot.  After a few seconds, Barbara and I watched it begin go down!  After about 1 minute the bump was gone.

Next day 6/7/08 – I met my friend Lynn, a massage therapist. Lynn has had pain in her foot for several years – she placed the red laser beam on the spot while I packed my massage table.   By the time I zipped it up (about 3 minutes), she announced her foot felt great! “Thank-you, Thank-you Thank-you, I am getting one of these,” and out the door she went smiling. A couple of hours later, my elderly neighbor comes to compliment my garden and mentioned the creak in her neck – “Must have slept wrong, can’t turn it,” Edy says. I held the red laser on the spot for about a minute, until she said, “Lorraine, it’s gone.”  Then I lasered up and down her spine a couple of times – she turned and said, “That thing works on spines too – Look at my shoulders, my spine is straightening.” Since I have known Edy she has been bent forward with shoulder dropped.  I watched her shoulders rise to a normal position!  I wouldn’t have believed this could happen had I not watched it with my own eyes.

During this time I had been packing and rushing around getting things ready to move to the summer place. My right foot was bothering me quite a bit. I got relief when I would put the red laser on it for a few seconds —- but I didn’t take the time to stop and laser it for a few minutes  —- I just kept grabbing relief when I could.

I arrived late that day at my destination and unpacked 1 small bag with necessities, PJ’s and headed to bed with my ZeroPoint pendant still on. I was thinking the red laser is so amazing – but this ZeroPoint pendant thing doesn’t seem to do much…. Off to sleep I went about 9 pm – exhausted.

6/08/08  Awake refreshed and ready to go at 4:30 AM!  I spent the early hours puttering – lasered the moldy refrigerator – my coffee – and then when the neighbors woke up I began to scrape, sand, sweep, vacuum, wash, and paint the porch floor.  I was at times standing bent at the waist with my head about my knees scraping or whatever for 30 minutes at a time – no pressure in head, no dizziness – and I seemed to be painting better, less mess than usual, my mood cheerful as I worked. As the day wore on and the heat climbed I was painting in direct afternoon sun about 80 degrees. Perspiration ran down my face —- And that’s when I realized what a gift the ZeroPoint Pendant was.  My energy was high yet I was relaxed in mind and emotion. I tried to think how long it had been since I felt this way.  I couldn’t really remember when I could have accomplished so much in one day without ‘side effects’ of tiredness, irritability from heat, sore muscles etc and the stamina was truly notable.

I took a walk before bed and visited with friends, happy, relaxed and feeling no effects of a hot day spent working in the sun – except for a bit of a tan.

ZeroPoint Red Laser and Pendant are everything they claim to be and I am grateful to have them and the opportunity to share them with my friends and family – well everybody really – who could be quiet about something like this?



Sinus (Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I have been going through a huge issue of stress and long time sinus issue.  I have taken my lasers putting one on one side and one on the other side at night and I clip them with a binder clip so they stay on and hit the left and right lymphatic system which helps to detox the body.  You will go into a detox and get somewhat of a headache for a couple of days.  The stress is not bothering me like it was, I have more clarity and energy during the day, my breathing and sinuses are better and I feel totally different in my body.  I can feel it work in my whole body but start slow as it will detox you.  I sometimes put the Sirius Pointer in my belly button which helps tremendously with emotional things you are going through.



Skin – Cold Weather (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)

I live in the cold northeast where we just got a snowfall of 12 inches.  As the seasons change, many of us experience physical reactions and I’m one that has always been affected by the extreme cold.  My cuticles crack and bleed, my lips split and crack, and for most of my life I have always had to use lip balm and skin repair cream.  So for the past 3 winters I’ve been lasering my water, cuticles and lips.  I drink about 3 liters of lasered water a day which seems to super hydrate it to a point where it made my skin more tender and resilient.  I laser my cuticles for 10 seconds each and my lips for 30 seconds each morning.  I also incorporate the Citrus Silk into my cuticles and nails and put the Mint Matrix on my lips.  For the past few winters I have not cracked nor bled at all.  That has just been fantastic and I’m looking forward to the 4th winter of healthy skin with zero point tools.  I just want to say, “thank you Zero Point” for such profound changes in my skin.



Teeth – Periodontal Disease (Mint Matrix, Red Laser)

For over 15 years I have had to go to my Dentist every 3-4 months for periodontal disease evaluation & cleaning (deep cleaning once a year, which I’d be sore from 2-3 days) to keep it under control.  When I got the Mint Matrix about a month before, I started brushing my teeth with it to see if it would help before my next appointment.  Then just a few days ago I read that the Red NaturaLaser could also be used for dental issues, so I started using it.

Well, today was my appointment which included new x-rays.  This time I had no sensitivity to the sonic water pic or the hard pics the Hygienist uses to clean off plaque & tarter.  I also noticed it took her a lot less time and that she didn’t seem to have to scrape as hard.  When my Dentist came in she told him she noted some lower numbers in checking my gums which were a few 5’s down to 4’s, which told me just using the Mint Matrix was working because that does not just happen.  When he checked me he said my ex-rays and mouth looked really good and healthier than usual.  I told him I was using Mint Matrix to brush my teeth and a couple of days ago started using a red laser.  He said, “Oh red lasers are really good for killing bacteria.”  I didn’t know that, so that was good to know.

He then compared what was recorded today to my last couple of records and said, “Well I certainly see an improvement this time, so keep doing what you’re doing”.  After 15 years of dealing with this, you have no idea how good it felt to hear those words for a change!  No soreness afterward was a huge plus too.  We are excited to see the results from using the red laser more too!



Varicose Vein (Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser)

I massaged in the Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix and then used the red laser about a minute.  It disappeared and then came back.  I did this 4x in one day and next day it was almost gone.



Anxiety – Taking Air Force Test (Red Laser, Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Green Laser, Citrus Silk)

On 11/17/11 my Daughter had a test to take for entering the Air Force, which she knew was going to be very hard to pass.  She was very nervous and had a backache, so asked if I had something that would help.  I shined the Red NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, inside of her wrist, and back of her neck for about 30 seconds each.  I then put some Mint Matrix on the bottom and top of her spine and ran the Red NaturaLaser up and down her spine and across her hips.  I then handed her the Intention Disc and told her to hold it and state an intention for her nervousness to dissipate and be replaced with confidence and recall of what she learned from her studies.  She said her back felt much better and that she felt calmer.  She took the Intention Disc with her also and kept it in her pocket.  She said she didn’t pass the test, but did much better than on the pre-test and wasn’t tensed up at all.

Update:  On 12/1/11 my Daughter went to re-take her test after coming home early from work to use the products first.  She did not have a backache, so I had her put some Mint Matrix in her navel and rub the residual on her fingers on her temples.  Then I shined the Green NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, the inside of her wrist and at her brain stem area for about 30 seconds each.  I gave her the Intention Disc and told her to this time state she was ready to release any incoherent energy that kept her from passing her Air Force test and that it is now her intention to have full clarity and focus to allow her to pass it now.  She took the Intention Disc with her again along with a water bottle with Citrus Silk in it.  And…yes She PASSED!  She is so happy the products were available to help her get through this phase!



Chiropractor & His Patients (Red Laser, Frequency Disc, Basic Pendant)

I have been a practicing Chiropractor for over 40 years, certified in acupuncture for 30 years, and have a diplomate in Clinical Nutrition for 8 years. I specialize in a unique nutritional approach for allergy elimination and desensitization using bio-feedback which can detect allergies and sensitivities in individuals. Had been looking for years for a pin point therapeutic laser to use instead of needles and was astounded when I saw Lisa Lothian demonstrating the ZeroPoint Red Laser. On testing, the acupuncture effect was strong and worked quite well in relieving headaches using acupoints I previously had to needle.

When I first met Lisa I had a neck ache of several days and was looking forward to getting my chiropractor to adjust me. I pointed the red laser over the areas needing adjustment and my neck immediately felt better. I bought a red laser, a frequency disc and ZeroPoint pendant on the spot and couldn’t wait to use it the next day at my practice.

In my chiropractic practice I use a method called activator, based on leg length inequality, based on the alignment of the hips and sacrum. When I scanned down and across the lower back with the red laser, the legs immediately evened. I went about completing the adjustment and also scanned the main pain areas. Without exception every one of dozens of patient’s had a greater response then they had previously. Relieving injured shoulders, knees, low backs, necks, sciatica’s, piriformis pain.

This does not replace the chiropractic adjustment by any means, but strongly enhances the benefits of other therapies. I myself had a serious back injury last year, that had recovered but left me unable to be as active. Now anytime there is a twinge, I scan the back and it’s gone and the last few days, I realized I was able to walk and exercise much more freely then I had since the injury.

For those familiar with muscle testing, I started a new supplement, but muscle testing showed I was allergic to it or a weak response. On a whim I placed the supplement on a small ZeroPoint frequency disc overnight and the next morning it tested strong. I keep finding more and more applications for this amazing little red laser.

At a conference a few weeks ago, I showed the red laser to an old friend of 30 years. He had just taken an advanced laser training program, taught by a famous neurologist where they established the most beneficial wave lengths. This laser cost about  $10,000.00. After I shared with him the results I’d been getting with the ZeroPoint red laser, he asked what the wave length was and was impressed to see it was the same as the expensive, highly rated laser. He was excited to sign up with ZeroPoint Global. I look forward to learning of all the benefits I am yet unaware of.

Bernard Epstein-FL
D.C., D.A.C.B.N.(Nutrition), F.I.A.C.A.(Acupuncture)


Dentist – A Letter to His Patients (Red Laser)

Dear Patient,


If you have chronic pains or aches, I have worked with a laser-assisted device that has helped many people over the past three months that I’ve tested the product.

Here are some examples:


An eighteen-year old male, a staff member’s son, had hurt his knee several months ago playing football.  He was examined by an orthopedic surgeon, had an MRI taken. Nothing could be found.  Yet, his knee cracked every time he bent it.  Mom brought the red laser device home and used it on him for 2 minutes. The cracking stopped and has not returned.


A female, in her 30’s and in excellent shape, has had chronic low back pain.  She had the red laser

device applied to her for 2 minutes. Pain was gone the next day and hasn’t returned.


A woman in her 60’s came to our office from Atlanta to give us a full-day presentation.  When she

arrived, she said that she wasn’t sure that she would make it because her sciatica was so bad. She

asked for a chair so that she could sit down.  She had the red laser device applied to her back. Pain

disappeared. She said that she had some pain in the back of the knee.  After applying the device to

the knee, pain was gone.


I’ve applied the red laser device to sensitive teeth and areas of facial pain. No, it doesn’t help

everyone, but we are batting over 90% in people feeling some relief.  No drugs, no creams. Just a



Sound unbelievable?  I thought the same thing.  But we’ve been working with the red laser device for three months now. It works, and it’s very affordable. I just couldn’t hide this from you any longer.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Lee Sheldon, D.D.S.


Energy Healer – Jaw, Neck Alignment, Muscle Spasms (Red Laser, Frequency Disc, Basic Pendant)

I am an Energy Healer and I came home last night feeling exhausted and drained, did some work and then was on the computer. A lot of my issues are in my neck which tightens my nose and jaw so I have had trouble breathing…last night I used the red laser at the presentation briefly on my above areas. When I was on the computer my neck kind of spasmed and relaxed and it felt different. I did not make a big deal about it and went to bed. I did not play with the samples again. When I woke up this morning I felt rested and relaxed.

I did my usual primus and reiki this morning then decided to put the small Frequency Disc in front of the computer. I did feel a stong energy emanating from the disc.

I used the red laser on my fingers because I had a torn or sprained a ligament about a month ago and it wasn’t healing at the knuckle. I felt the heat and some relief. As I was going to work, I felt another kind of spasm feeling at the knuckle and it felt a lot better. Like it was dislocated and had slipped into place.

I decided to take the ZeroPoint pendent with me to work and wore it till about 3. I did feel a lof of energy from it…it is positive and uplifting. It is different for me because I feel it is an energy source coming from outside of me…yet surrounding me…. I am used to the rose quartz and my crystal work which generates energy from inside me as opposed to the external generating ZeroPoint pendant..however, I adjusted and decided to keep an open mind..and went with the flow…so far all was positive.

Before I went to the gym I tried to adjust my neck/jaw area and it slipped back into socket and my neck felt a lot better. My nose opened and I could breath easier.

Then I got home early and wanted to go to the gym..but I didn’t want to perspire on the product. So I decided to take the frequency disc with me to the gym and kept it in my pocket. It was great. It gave me a lot of energy and I was able to do far more than I usually do. iI had a good work out!

I decided to watch TV and put the big frequency disc behind my back and it felt good. I red lasered my neck and shoulders again and I feel tired but good. I have the frequency disc in front of me as I type on the computer it is resonating at my heart center…very intensely…..

So far so good… in fact, so far so great. The energy is very high and intense. It could become addicting. I am getting used to it. I want to give the ZeroPoint pendant to my mom for a day or two if you don’t mind to see how she reacts. I do feel younger and great.



Cats – Eating (Sirius Infinity Pointer, Red Laser Green Laser)

My kitty cat cannot stop eating the food I give it that I place on a frequency disc, use the Sirius Pointer, and the Red and Green Laser on the food.  They can absolutely sense that the meal they will be having is fit for a King or Queen.  They smile and say WOW!   After they finish eating they are just so gentle and placid – no meow, meow, meow – plus no upchucking from gobbling their food down.  I work on their food with our products just like I work on my own food.



Dog – Hip Pain (Red Laser)

A few weeks ago my little Taffy started having problems jumping up on my bed and it was her right hip.  Normally when she is laying on her stomach, she has what is every dancer’s dream – perfect center splits – her feet go straight out to the sides.  She stopped laying like that and she would lay with her right foot tucked in and her left foot out normal.  She couldn’t put her R leg out and it wasn’t comfortable for her any more.  Then it got so she couldn’t jump up into the back seat of the car either – I would have to pick her up for both things.  I started using the Red Laser from the top of her head to her tailbone and across her hips.  I could get no feedback from her so did not know where the pain was to know I was in the right spot.  So it took a couple weeks, but yesterday when I got home from church I was so excited as she ran upstairs and jumped on the bed all by herself.  I almost started crying.  She did it later on as well and when she was on top of the bed she pranced around all over the bed seeming to say “look Mom, I did it myself” and did it again later on.  When I took her in the car later she went to jump up in the back seat but just stood there waiting to be picked up.  I told her “you can do it – get a running jump now”.  So how can a dog know what “get a running jump meant, right?  But she turns around and goes about 2 feet away from the car and takes off running and jumps into the back seat.  Then gallops across the back seat and gets into her little bed.   It was so cute and she was so happy she did it herself.  It was so funny.



Duck – Nail in his Foot (Red Laser)

We have many animals that come to our yard every day.  We’ve had an unusual looking duck return repeatedly.  One day he was limping quite severely.  A closer look showed he had a nail sticking straight up causing quite a bit of pain.

We used the red NaturaLaser repeatedly on his webbed foot while he ate some seed.  When he came up the next day, the nail was still straight up but he wasn’t limping.  We used the red NaturaLaser one more time. The next day he visited again, the nail was gone he was just fine!  Everyone, including our animal friends, can be assisted with the ZeroPoint products!



Horse Saved Twice (Citrus Silk, Red Laser)

This 5-yr old horse named Jolie was coming up lame with abscess in his hoof – veterinarian was not giving much hope and the owner was ready to put the horse down.  Kat and the owner used the Citrus Silk with the Red laser for a couple weeks.  They took the horse to the Ferrier who said it showed no sign of the abscesses and it was healing well.  So they when they went to take the horse home in the trailer it bolted as it was not trained well yet.  Jolie got a deep injury on his leg which went all the way to the hoof so Kat immediately applied the red laser and was surprised it was not bleeding profusely as deep as the wound was.  They took pictures and you could see it was healing up nicely.  Thanks to Lorraine Eldridge who helped with supplying the products so quickly for the horse.   A few days later Kat is surprised to see it healing up as quickly as it is because there is a process with horses where they develop “proud flesh”, yet it is healing much more quickly without complications.  Also what is remarkable is that the horse has not been pestering at it his wound, flies are not attracted to the wound and Jolie is comfortable with the healing.



Pain – Arm (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Silver, Aum Clay)

In preparation for an overseas trip I needed to get some vaccinations. My first vaccination was 3 months ago. After getting the vaccination I had limited range of motion in one shoulder, pain in the shoulder blade area, pain in the deltoid and  pectral area of that arm and pain at the injection site. I got a great deal of pain relief when I heard from others to start sleeping on my back on an 8″ Frequency disc with a 3.5″ disc on top. This got rid of the pain in my shoulder blade area in just a few nights, but the upper arm pain and limited range of motion has persisted even though I have consistently used the lasers or the Oil Veras on the area. I even used an ace bandage at night with 2 ZeroPoint pendants on either side of my upper arm. This also helped but didn’t completely get rid of the pain and limited range of motion. 3 days ago I added the Aum Clay.  I am now getting periods of relief of the pain and a consistant improvement to the range in motion.  I spray Sirius Silver on my upper arm to dampen it and then I dust on the clay with a makeup compact pad. We leave in the morning for our foreign travel and I have packed my Aum clay along with my Oil Veras, and lasers.



I wanted to experiment and find out if the Disc would actually create a higher pH value in water. So, I used some pH drops to see how acidic my R.O. was and it registered 5. I then put some R.O. water in another glass and let it sit there for 6 minutes. Tested it again and to my delight it raised to 6.5! I am guessing that the Disc and Lasers as well can raise any solid food to a higher pH which is always more healthy for a body.

Cheryl Peterson

Used the pen after I slammed my thumb in a car door. Was icing it while watching my thumb swell and turn red when I recalled I had the Cold Laser pen in my purse. After about 1 minute the pain subsided and after about 1/2 hour the redness and swelling subsided. I was gobsmacked. Continued to use it on my thumb for another 30 minutes. The next day there was a slight purple tinge and that went away after using the pen. Continued to use the pen and have had no swelling or purple tinge since. Would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. Just wish I would have taken a pic of how swollen and red it was before I used the pen. Thanks.

Nancy Moynihan

Usually my back hurts after getting a kidney dialysis treatment. This time there was no pain at all after the kidney dialysis treatment. This was 2 days after having SR do figure 8s with the red NaturaLaser over the kidney areas of my back for a few minutes. SR also shined the laser on my right thigh and right hip for a few minutes and then I felt warmth in my right leg for the first time in months. Then SR shined the red laser on my left shoulder for a minute. I thought that was a silly thing, but 2 days later I remembered that I had a rotator cuff injury there 15 years ago. She said that would help improved circulation to my hand. SR shined the Red NaturaLaser slowly up and down from each fingertip to the elbow 3 times and then had me flip my hand over and she lasered this other side of each finger 3 times. Since then, my hand has had a normal warmth, where it had been cold for years.

Sherry Rogers