A Sirius Silver Written Testimonials


Acne (Citrus Silk, Green Laser, Sirius Silver)

My grandson has really bad acne and has tried everything and it just doesn’t work.  So he’s been coming down here and just after 3 times of rubbing the Citrus Silk on twice a day, followed with the Green Laser and topping it off with a spray of the Sirius Silver, his skin looks like it was when he was 4 years old.  His acne is drying up and he just beams as he is beginning to have a normal look again.



Allergy (Citrus Silk, Sirius Silver)

I was at a meeting and had some kind of allergic reaction in my eyes which were really swollen and red.  I first used the Citrus Silk for 2 days which calmed down the redness but it came back and on the 3rd day I had the Sirius Silver to spray in my eyes and ‘boom’… it was gone for good.



Allergy (Sirius Silver)

I was having tremendous eye burning problems & dry eyes.  I sprayed Sirius Silver in my eyes and within seconds they stopped burning.  I do this twice a day.



Allergy to MSG (Sirius Silver)

Recently I had an allergic reaction to some MSG in some food in a restaurant that claimed they didn’t use the toxin.  It seems because they didn’t make the food themselves was the culprit.  The skin around my eye immediately became inflamed leaving me with a circle of red open oozing skin similar to Eczema.  Having this experience in the past I expected it to take a week to 10 days to heal which wasn’t good for me because I had a Zero Point presentation to do the following evening and I was not pleased.  I went home and sprayed some Sirius Silver on the area and went to bed.  The next morning, it was improved by about 60% so that day I continued spraying the Silver on the area and placing the Intention disc over my eyes and in less than 10 hours it completely cleared up — in less than 24 hours since it began just before my presentation.  It was really amazing and I think this Silver is an incredible addition to our line and will establish ZPG company as an industry leader in energetic wellness.



Baby Sick (Sirius Silver)

My 10-month-old grandbaby got sick and was throwing up. I sprayed the Sirius Silver in all the adult’s mouths, put 1 TBSP in bath water and sprayed some Sirius Silver on her mom’s nipple just before she nursed.  Soon everyone felt wonderful and baby was well.



Bath (Sirius Silver)

My friend was in the bath about 20 minutes before remembering to add the Sirius Silver.  She then put in 1 capsule and felt a burst of energy, got hot and red on her cheeks which lasted about 5 minutes so she knows it’s doing something.



Blood Score (Sirius Silver)

I was part of the Sirius Silver research group testing the Silver from May, 2011.  I had been taking ¼ oz 2/x per day since then – it is October now.  This past August after my annual physical, my G.P.

called with my blood results.  He said in short, in his entire practice of over 6,000 patients that he has never seen blood scores as healthy as mine saying keep on doing whatever you are doing so. I continued.



Bronchitis (Sirius Silver)

Dr Kolb showed up at a product demo with Bronchitis and had dramatic results immediately with the Sirius Silver.  She works with all kinds of energetic wellness and had tried everything too and couldn’t shake it until she got the Sirius Silver.



Burn Sirius Pointer (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser, Mint Matrix)

I was at a youth conference on Saturday making hot chocolate and was pouring a huge container of hot water to make the drink and got boiling water all over my left hand which hurt a lot.  As soon as I could put it down, I disappeared and first used the Pointer, then the Silver and Red & Green Laser.  Each thing I did helped a little but when I put the Mint Matrix on, the pain stopped.  No scarring or blistering, no residual pain or nothing.



Choking – Coughing (Sirius Silver)

All of a sudden I got choked – couldn’t catch my breath, was coughing, spuming, spitting and sputtering.  I picked up my Sirius Silver, sprayed a couple sprays in my mouth and it immediately stopped my choking, coughing, spitting, spuming and sputtering.



Cold – Symptoms (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Mint Matrix, Citrus Silk)

I’ve been using these products for over 2-1/2 years now and I love them all.  I have not been sick for years with a cold or the flu and I am a nurse who’s around people all the time and have a private practice doing vibrational healing work.  I always work to boost my immune system up.  Well, I woke up this morning and felt cold symptoms like someone turning on the faucet.  I told myself – no, this is not happening and went to town with my tools.  I used the Sirius Silver first spraying around my face and in my nose.  I used the Green Laser because it’s so supportive of putting the systems into balance energetically.  So I used it on my throat, around my nose, my sinuses and the 4 points of the body.  Then I used the Mint Matrix and Citrus Silk layering them on my face and I have to tell you that within an hour I had no more cold symptoms for the whole day.



Cold – Virus (Sirius Silver)

I was really tired and was sneezing and realizing I had a virus, I took a ½ oz of Sirius Silver and nothing else.  It cleared my head and felt much better.  Later in the evening I started to feel not so great again and took another ½ oz of Silver & went ahead and took my usual vit/min at bedtime.  Woke up this morning and just felt great.  I was really impressed how quickly it worked.



Cold – Virus (Sirius Silver, Sodalite Window Pendant)

I woke up today with a cold/virus and sprayed some Sirius Silver right over my throat.  My friend Lu came over and suggested that I put a Sodalite Pendant up near to my throat, it started feeling better and feels like it’s kicking it out now.



Cold – Virus (Sirius Silver, Green Laser)

My husband’s roommate had a horrible runny nose & it was getting worse.  My husband started sniffling and commented he hoped he wasn’t getting sick.  I gave him the Sirius silver to spray 2x up his nose and shined the green laser up his nostrils for about 5 seconds each.  His sniffles stopped and he had no more through the night.  The next morning his roommate sounded worse, so my husband told him what we did, so I asked if he wanted to try this and he did.  He sprayed the Sirius Silver 2x up each nostril and sniffed it up.  Then I shined the green laser pointer up his nostrils about 15 seconds each since he had this for a few days.  He was immediately relieved of the runny nose and felt his sinuses were clearing, but complained of a sore throat.  I suggested he spray 3-4 sprays at the back of his throat and after he did his sore throat subsided as well.  That evening I asked him if he needed the Sirius silver again and he said he felt it was clearing itself and wanted to see without using it again.  The next morning he sounded like he had no issues and reported as much.



Cough (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

I started having a coughing attack so I sprayed Sirius Silver in my throat and then took the Citrus Silk and with head back, dropped it in my mouth.  The cough is gone – it suppressed everything.  It was amazing – it’s happened twice in saving my day.



Cough (Sirius Silver)

I worked at the restaurant and one of the waitresses came in with a tickling cough and was coughing and coughing.  Well, you cannot have a waitress coughing and serving so I pulled out my Sirius Silver bottle and said spray this in your mouth 2 or 3 times.  She did and her tickle went away and her cough ceased.  She came back around 3 hours later asking to use it again and again the cough ceased.  One of the other waitresses standing there was asking “hmmmm, I wonder if it would work on cramps?”  I said, I have no idea but here’s the bottle, take it in the bathroom and spray on your belly and in your mouth, swish around and swallow.  She brought the bottle back and 20 minutes later I asked her – did it help with your cramps?  She said, oh, I guess it must have because I don’t have any pain now.  So I was thrilled.



Cramp – Big Toe (Sirius Silver)

I had a cramp in my big toe.  I got instant relief when I put the Sirius Silver on it.  In the past when I used the wand it took maybe 5 minutes or longer before the pain went away.  This was so quick, I just put a little bit on and it was gone.



Cut – Thumb (Sirius Silver)

A friend cut their thumb very deeply – sprayed the Sirius Silver on and put bandage over it.  Later that night we took the bandage off and it was almost completely healed.



Cut – Toe (Red Laser, Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc)

I was cutting up produce on a light-weight cutting board when it slipped off the counter and the knife went into my barefoot big toe giving it quite a slice, bleeding and a bit painful.  I got all my tools out and put the red laser on it applying pressure to it in between.  Someone reminded me to use the Sirius Silver on it – I hadn’t used it enough to even think of it.  I started spraying it on and could not bend my toe down or touch the top without causing a high degree of pain.  I also leaned against the frequency disc because I couldn’t put it on top on my toe due to the pain. By the next morning I had just a small amount of sensitivity and I had full range of motion in my toe.



Detox (Sirius Silver, Requency Disc, Intention Disc, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

A friend tried to detox her body by taking a one hour bath with 2 capfuls of Sirius Silver, a Frequency Disc, an Intention Disc and a Sirius Infinity Pointer.  After 20 minutes she added Dead Sea salts.  She felt much clearer after the bath, and then later that day the detox was so strong that she was flushed, perspiring, and had a fever.  She felt great the next morning and was very pleased with the result.



Dry Skin (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

I spray Sirius Silver on face, let dry and they apply the Citrus Silk which has really helped with my dry skin.



Ear Infection (Sirius Silver, Green Laser)

On 10/8/11, I flew to San Diego from Las Vegas to stay with my Husband for a couple of weeks where he is working.  I noticed some physical imbalance on 10/9, but attributed it to the flight (up & back down in an hour) & drive through elevations because my ears had plugged up many times.  On 10/10, my Husband invited several of his friends over for tacos & Monday Night Football.  I had felt weak legged and foggy all day and after the guys were there for about an hour, I got up from my chair & walked about 2 feet, lost my balance and had to grab onto one of the guy’s chairs to keep from completely falling.  I regained my balance and felt ok after about 15 seconds.  About 1 hour later we all decided to eat, so I and one of the guys went into the kitchen to start getting everything out.  I walked in, turned around to go to the refrigerator and without notice buckled at the waist sending me straight down to the floor onto my forehead.  He asked me a couple of times if I was alright while he was picking me up to get me to a chair.  I ate and went to bed.  The next day I was still weak legged, foggy & worried about it happening again with no one there, so started researching which of the products to use.  I also chatted with my friend Sandi and she told me there was a virus going around that was causing dizziness and passing out and that years ago she had an ear problem that caused this and pain over a 6 month period and there was no way she could have been on an airplane.   Well, that really scared me because I had to do that in a couple of weeks, so I looked back in my notes from the conference while Sandi and I were putting our heads together (mind you I wasn’t all there) and found where Lorraine had used the Sirius Silver on her neck for an ear infection and it went away.  So, I sprayed it on my neck on both sides and felt a little bit better.  So, I decided to spray once into each ear with my head tilted to let it settle into it for a minute…and then shined the Green NaturaLaser in each ear for 30 seconds.  Within 5 minutes I was 90% better, so two hours later I did it again.  I was completely fine after that with no reoccurrence.  And I was so HAPPY I wasn’t going to have to deal with what might have been a pretty debilitating condition!



Eczema (Citrus Silk, Sirius Silver)

I had some kind of scaling on my elbow and was using the Citrus Silk and saw it was starting to go away.  So I started spraying on the Silver first and then the Silk and it would act almost like an emulsifier making it very smooth and the scalyness was gone in about 2 days.



Eyes – Chemical Sensitive (Sirius Silver)

I have a friend who is chemical sensitive and when she is around cleaners, etc., her eyes get really red and puffy from the fumes.  She was here the other day complaining about this and I said to her “I have this Sirius Silver and have heard others spraying it in their eyes, would you like to try it?”

So when it was sprayed in her eyes a couple times she says “I can’t believe it!  I can see!  And now I can see clearly and now my other eye is better.”  It seemed to me her eyes were less red too.  She was so excited that the vision from her allergic reaction had cleared up so much.



Eyes – Conjunctivitis (Sirius Silver)

I either had conjunctivitis or pink eye and when waking up I had a lot of sleep in my eyes which kept getting worse and worse to the point where I was waking up with my eyes cemented shut and my eyes were irritated all day.  I sprayed the Silver in my eyes as I read somewhere on the Internet about doing this and 2 days later the issue I was having was completely gone.



Eyes – Dry (Sirius Silver)

Sprayed Sirius Silver in my eyes and they feel refreshed and wonderful. The same thing happened for my neighbor and a friend.



Eyes – Mold Sensitive (Sirius Silver)

I had a friend yesterday that had been out working outside in the northwest where there is a lot of mold and spores and her eyes would get very scratchy.  She said her right eye is worse so let’s just do it first so I can see if there is a difference.  So she sprayed the Sirius Silver in and before long, she was doing the left eye too.  This was several times now that I have seen results with the eyes and Sirius Silver.



Eye – Scratched Cornea (Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver)

My teenage son scratched his cornea somehow… he could see fine but it was very painful.  He woke up Friday morning at 6:30 saying he hadn’t been able to sleep well at all.  His eye really hurt a lot, he was in severe pain and his eye kept weeping.  I gave him the frequency disc suggesting he sleep with it on his eye or underneath his pillow and he was able to sleep until 10:30.  He said he felt a little better.   I took him in to the doctor the next day who told him he would hurt for 3 to 5 days even with the medication.  We sprayed his eye with the Sirius Silver and he’s been sleeping with the frequency disc and the next morning when he woke up he had no pain. He is taking the medication too but I’m glad the pain is gone in such a short time.



Eyes – Vision Improved (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser)

I was on my way to an event and lost my glasses somehow.  I have not been to live without them for the last 25 years without getting blasting headaches, sick, disorientated, falling over and everything a blur.  Just today I took off my glasses and can read the small print on my calendar.  I am getting my eyesight back.  I threw away my medications a week ago and have not touched them since.  I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my whole life.  Both of my doctors said “we don’t know what’s happened but your organs are all testing 100% normal – you do not have to come see us anymore unless you are experiencing heart pain or whatever – just do what you’re doing) (always check with your doctor first if your issue is well enough to cut down on meds)


CONFIRMATION:  I have known Wil for 25 years and have seen him without his glasses for 3 days now for first time since knowing him.  He is even driving without them, saying he sees better without them.  First it was Trifocals to 4-year old glasses and then he discovered he could see better without them.  That is simply amazing to me – it is true, I am witnessing it.  He is spraying the Sirius Silver in his eyes and Wil never does anything half-way – he does everything to the extreme.  He is also putting the Red and Green laser as well as the Sirius Pointer in his navel.

One thing I learned from people who had been using big lasers for years is that all the blood in our body passes through our navel every 7 minutes.  So maybe by doing this, we are energizing our blood, clearing microbes, increasing oxygen, I don’t know but that’s what theirs did.  They said if  you put a high frequency into your navel you are benefiting all of your body because the blood is  connected to all of your body, etc.



Feet – Stiff & Sore (Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

It’s been 30 years since I could spend much time on my feet.  I was at a 2-day Expo and at the end of the first day I realized I was getting stiff and wondering what was wrong.  Then I realized I was standing for most of the 8 hours so I soaked my feet in Sirius Silver, acid water and Citrus Silk that night.  I went and did it again the whole next day and I was fine.  It’s been 30 years since I could do anything close to standing on my feet for 8 hours.



Hot Flashes (Sirius Silver)

I was waiting for an opportunity to say to someone, try this and see if it works.  A friend who has prostate cancer and is taking hormone shots which gives him hot flashes that are really bad.  So I asked him if he would like to try the Sirius Silver and just spray it on his body to see how that works.  He did that and immediately his hot flashes went away so now he takes the bottle with him everywhere he goes.



Pain – Bee Sting (Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver)

When I get stung  by a bee in my hand, it swells up really bad up to my elbow.  Last night I got stung by a bee again on my hand. I put my hand on the frequency disc but the only relief I had was when I sprayed the Sirius Silver on.  So I sprayed until the pain went away and just left my hand on the disc.  The swelling never expanded to where it did 2 months earlier when I got stung.  I just love the Sirius Silver.



Pain – Gout (Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

Yesterday when I woke up my big toe on right foot was solidly swollen looking like the gout was coming back.  I’ve had gout so bad from my big toe all the way up my leg in one night.  Lu said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten off the gout meds” but I said no, I have worked and worked on it putting Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, using the Red and Green Laser and the Sirius Pointer over and over little increments at a time.  I woke up today and my right foot is in better shape now than the left one which I hadn’t worked on too much yesterday.  The gout or whatever it was is gone.  I can waggle my toe which I could hardly move before.  I had really bad pain in it yesterday.  When I drove by the hockey rings yesterday, I said to myself I’m going to skate again and play hockey which I had thought was a thing of the past for me.  I know it’s coming.



Pain – Hips (Sirius Silver, Frequency Disc)

Yesterday my neighbor and I visited a friend who is 6 weeks out from major back surgery.  She had a couple vertebras fused together where the bone has to regrow and has been in a lot of pain.   She is married to an Allopathic Veterinarian who has complete disdain for anything that is not allopathic but he was not there at the time.  I had my Sirius Silver and the small disc with me.  I shared my story with her about the disc sticking to my lower back and getting complete relief of pain.  Her pain was on both sides of the hip in a triangle down from the incision.  I put the disc on one side for about 10 minutes – she got up and I moved it over to the other side and she sat for another 10 minutes.  Then we were getting ready to leave and she stood and she said, “well, you know I don’t have any pain right now”.  I told her I would leave the disc with her to see if she would get some relief.  I’ll be checking with her in a day or two.  She has been on heavy pain meds and has a long road ahead to get that bone grown in and fused together.



Pain – Knee (Sirius Silver)

Yesterday morning I woke up around 3:30 in the morning with a throbbing pain in the outer aspect of my left knee.  I wanded and wanded to no avail with the previous company’s wand.  I got up and put Citrus Silk and Mint Matrix on it and still no relief.  I used the green marble disc and Sirius Infinity Pointer and still no relief.  I was on a call Monday morning and someone was saying how they had almost instant relief from pain using the Sirius Silver.  I got up and got mine and sprayed it on my knee and by the time the call was over, the pain was totally gone.  The pain was so severe that I could not go back to sleep the night before and wasn’t even sure if it was hip or knee pain because it radiated so far out.  So I’m happy to say the pain is still gone and thanks for sharing that on your call.



Pain – Knees (Sirius Balance Pendant, Frequency Disc, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk)

I have torn meniscus in my knees.  I was in constant pain and had a great deal of trouble walking, especially on stairs. I wear the Sirius Balance Pendant, sleep with the Frequency Disc, use the Sirius Silver and Citrus Silk.  Now my knees don’t hurt. Even when I twisted my knees the wrong way and irritated the meniscus, the pain went away very quickly.



Pain – Rotator Cuff, Bursitis (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

My sister came over and told me she had deep pain and stiffness throughout her rotator cuff that sent shooting pain when she used it at work, which is quite often.  She couldn’t raise it 1/3 up her side and around at all without pain. We sprayed Sirius Silver over the top of her rotator and I shined the Green NaturaLaser over that area for 30 seconds.  She felt a little better, but it was still pretty stiff and painful.

We discussed that the Red NaturaLaser might be better to use since it is primarily for muscular/skeletal, but I didn’t have it yet.  However, I did have the Sirius Infinity Pointer so I got it and circled the top of her rotator cuff for 30 seconds.  She said she felt better yet, but asked to see if the Frequency Disc would help more.  She ran it up her arm and it stuck right at her rotator cuff for about 10 minutes and then fell off. Within 5 minutes she said she could feel popping in the whole area like the fluid sac was releasing.  The next day she reported it was still a little stiff, but she felt it was 80% better so was really glad we used the Sirius Infinity Pointer and Frequency Disc.  We are looking forward to using the Red NaturaLaser and/or Sirius Infinity Pointer on it again soon and we’ll have an update!

Update: When I asked my Sister on 11/8/11 how her rotator cuff was feeling, she said she hadn’t had any pain, could still move her arm up above her head and completely around with no pain.  She said, “Most of all I don’t have the dull ache from my Chronic Bursitis every day”.  I said, “What? I thought you had a pain in your shoulder area, I never knew this was chronic!”  Funny, how we just deal with pain and don’t think about it until it flares up.  On 11/17/11, she said she still has no pain or dull ache in her shoulder.



Pain – Wrist (Sirius Silver)

About a year ago I broke my wrist and had to have plates and screws in.  Then in May I had another surgery to remove all of these as I didn’t want the metal in my body.  I had one of the first bottles of the Sirius Silver at my house when they did the research and I was looking at the incision mark and noticed it was getting an infection with a red glow around it.  I started spraying the Silver and in 2 days the redness was gone and the wound from the incision was starting to heal.



PMS (Sirius Silver)

I just had another hot flash and sprayed the Sirius Silver on my chest, rubbed it in and it worked like a charm again.



Pneumonia (Sirius Silver, Sirius Balance Pendant, Intention Disc)

I had gotten pneumonia but I went to the convention anyway really dragging thru it.  I had been taking another type of vibrational silver but wasn’t cutting it.  We got the Sirius Silver on the last day of the convention and took a couple doses that day and by evening were ready to hang out with anyone who wanted to have some fun.  I saw how much more powerful this silver was from the other I had been using.  After flying home and having another 2 days catch-up at home, I had a little bit of a relapse and then put 1 TBSP of the Silver in my bath water – I was just coughing like crazy – also had Sirius Pendant on with Intention disc in the water too.  I barely coughed that night and didn’t cough at all the next day, so it kicked out that last little bit of pneumonia I had left in my body.



Sinus (Sirius Silver)

I sprayed the Sirius Silver up my nose and it cleared up my sinus issue.



Sinus (Sirius Silver, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

I had an issue going on this weekend with my sinuses and when I sneezed it was tight and uncomfortable.  I used the Sirius Silver and my vitamins.  What I discovered when I tested myself was there was bacteria lodged in my sinuses for quite some time.  I took the Sirius Pointer and stuck it right in my nose for about 30 seconds which gave relief into the sinuses over my eyes.  The testing also showed bacteria stuck in under my eyes so I kept running the Pointer back and forth across there before going to bed last night maybe a couple minutes.  I also slept with the frequency disc under my pillow a couple nights and my problem was totally relieved.



Sinus (Sirius Silver)

I’ve been dealing with a sinus condition for several months.   The drainage in the back of my throat has caused me to cough a lot.  The colloidal silver solution that I’ve been using for years didn’t seem to be helping much.  I began spraying the Sirius Silver into my nose and sniffing it up into my sinuses. After about a week,  I am happy to report that the Sirius Silver has made a very positive impact on the condition.  By the way, I also spray the Sirius Silver on my face after shaving.

Update:  Someone had suggested that I take a dropper and put the Silver direct in my nose and then holding head back letting the Silver go into the other sinus cavities which works great and it continues to get better and better.  Some of the drainage was getting caught in my throat causing me to cough a lot so I am also spraying the Citrus Silk on my tongue 2-3 times per day and then swallowing which seems to be breaking it up and I am having less and less of a problem and it’s just about resolved.



Sleeping better (Sirius Silver)

I spray the silver under my tongue I am getting better sleep and dreaming more in one week’s time.  I spray in my eyes, face and ears.  I am also experiencing better clarity.



Throat Problem (Sodalite Window Pendant, Intention Disc, Sirius Silver)

I had a problem with singing in church with my throat.  I was wearing the Sodalite Pendant and using the Intention disc as well.  I noticed the first week that I didn’t have any pain trying to sing.  I did still have a strain in my voice.  This week we did a lot of singing and I was able to sing all of the songs with no pain or strain in my throat until the very last song.  I was just so amazed and so impressed.  I also did clearing around my throat with the Sodalite pendant and intention disc.  I also sprayed some silver in my throat and think I probably had some bacteria lodged in it which helped it too.  I was thrilled it has healed so well.



Cats – Ear Mites (Sirius Silver)

My friend had 3 cats that had an ear mite infection.  Their ears were so itchy and irritated trying to scratch them with their paws.  I put 2 applications of Sirius Silver into their ears and have not witnessed any more problems.



Dog – Ear Problem (Sirius Silver)

When I took Taffy to be groomed on Saturday, she had an ear that was starting to get red.  Her ears are so sensitive and she does not like anything in her ears.  She let me spray the Sirius Silver into her eyes which stopped them from weeping.  I put some of the Sirius Silver into a plastic spoon and set it under my desk lamp to get a little warmed up.  Then I soaked the tip of a cotton pad and held it in her ear about 15 seconds, making sure it got to room temperature first.  I squeezed the pad and then rubbed her ear which she didn’t mind at all.  Her ear looks so much better today. It’s all cleared up and no redness at all.



Dogs – Eye Mucous (Sirius Silver)

My dogs always have mucous in their eyes and one has a damaged eye.  I sprayed the Sirius Silver in their eyes and for 2 days now they have not had any mucous.  I always had to clean their eyes 2 or 3 times a day – was using some other eye drops and it wasn’t working.  I tried it on myself first as I also had problems and after 2 days the redness around the eyes was much less.



Pain – Arm (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Silver, Aum Clay)

In preparation for an overseas trip I needed to get some vaccinations. My first vaccination was 3 months ago. After getting the vaccination I had limited range of motion in one shoulder, pain in the shoulder blade area, pain in the deltoid and  pectral area of that arm and pain at the injection site. I got a great deal of pain relief when I heard from others to start sleeping on my back on an 8″ Frequency disc with a 3.5″ disc on top. This got rid of the pain in my shoulder blade area in just a few nights, but the upper arm pain and limited range of motion has persisted even though I have consistently used the lasers or the Oil Veras on the area. I even used an ace bandage at night with 2 ZeroPoint pendants on either side of my upper arm. This also helped but didn’t completely get rid of the pain and limited range of motion. 3 days ago I added the Aum Clay.  I am now getting periods of relief of the pain and a consistant improvement to the range in motion.  I spray Sirius Silver on my upper arm to dampen it and then I dust on the clay with a makeup compact pad. We leave in the morning for our foreign travel and I have packed my Aum clay along with my Oil Veras, and lasers.


I wanted to share my experience because it is especially applicable in these times. A doctor of lymphology I follow recommended to all a proactive protocol for staying healthy. He recommended a nebulizer & Silver Sol 35 as a family proactive protocol for our times. (We'll just call it that.) I purchased the nebulizer but didn't use it until I got a bug a few weeks ago. I used my Vibranz A Sirius Silver in the nebulizer instead of the One Silver Solution I also have or purchasing the SS35. I had a good feeling my Vibranz product could do the job. I was right. The next day I felt like the effects of post nasal drip had been nullified. I sleep well and only continued to get better and better in my respiratory tract daily with only a few minutes on the nebulizer. I had no sore throat, continuous drip or endless cough. I have had this sinusitis condition before and it was definitely mitigated with the A Sirius Silver. When I saw the new product Silver Wahz, I got so excited. I just ordered some and I will do a complete video testimonial when I use it and share the comparison. Also, my skin got clearer & my face lit up like a lightbulb as a side effect. I really like the new website. Thank you for the Vibranz products.

Robert Ariaga