Earth Heart Strips Written Testimonials


I have found the bliss oils to be very calming and soothing to my nervous system. When applied to the various acupressure points, it not only delights the senses but there is an overall sense of well being when I use it. I find it intriguing that there is the possibility that the earth, air, fire, water and crystal oils may have the additional benefit of overcoming distressed areas in our body that have become diseased. I am open to this exciting possibility and love using them nightly before I retire for the night. What a pleasant way to move into a blissful night’s sleep.

C. Heaps

My favorite essential oil is the AroMandalas "The Way". I like defusing during meditation. This is a powerful blend that brings clarity and calm. I use it before journaling to get a better connection with my guides. It allows me to channel higher realms gaining wisdom and grace.

T. Sampson

I love Remberanz because it takes me deeper when I am doing my self healing work. I have tried to do the exercises and meditations in the Beyond the Flower of Life book and it is good but when I use Remberanz before I start it takes be to a whole different level and brings up understanding I did not receive without it.

C. Kirk

I love my AroMandala Essential Oil Blends! MerKaBa Mystique is my go to blend when I listen to Maureen St. Germain's Flower of Life MerKaBa Classic, The Original 17 Breath Meditation DVD. Before starting the meditation, I open the bottle and gently breathe in the scent of the blend. The MerKaBa Mystique Blend is the perfect excellerator to bring the MerKaBa to life. It is an exhilarating experience to have over and over again.

T. Sampson

I am now blessed to enhance and start my day wearing one of the Vibranze pendants along with a couple of minutes breath work and a few drops of the Compassion oil on the palms of my hands. I then use the Vibranze laser pens and pointer to clear, recalibrate & align myself for the best outcome needed on a collective level. These interstellar frequencies bring about the right mind set for me to help my clients with their Life & Soul Healing.

Compassion oil expresses itself extremely quickly, internally and externally with an expansion of love and light from the Time Space Continuum, helping those who wish to divinely manifest a new reality. Another one of my favourite ways to use the Compassion oil is: Thought intention with Breath, used as an active meditation whilst walking or doing housework; “ I love myself, I am love, I love everybody ... Lets come together and love one another right now”.

The Orion Oils, Vibranze laser pens and pointer have become part of my life, what I have found is the COMPASSION OIL is specifically beneficial for treating Cause & Effect from mental issues showing up as Dis- ease and disorders throughout the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Much Love & Blessings to you all ...

C. Williams

As a holistic chiropractor and energy healer for over 35 years, I have never experienced a response to essential oils in the way that I have to the Orion series. The vibration of Akashic Access accomplishes what its name suggests. The frequency boost that occurs with the use of this oil allows one to access the field of information where our souls life-journeys are stored. Akashic Access assists you in clear seeing and transforming your current life situation with much more grace and compassion. This helps you bring forth a more optimum outcome from the field of all possibilities. Thank you Maureen for bringing us these treasures!

Hilary Nicholls DC