Green Natura Laser Written Testimonials


Accident – 12 year old Car Accident Injury (Citrus Silk, Green Laser)

I was shocked to see the swelling in my sister’s ankle and foot after 12 years of poor circulation caused by a car accident. Even worse, the skin on her foot was grey and the toes were closer to black. All toenails had fungus. As I massaged Citrus Silk into her ankle and foot, I felt how her skin had hardened. I then used the green laser on her lower leg, foot and toes.  After 5 to 10 minutes she said she thought she could feel something changing. My husband and I looked down to her foot and we were amazed what we saw right before our eyes. Her feet weren’t normal but they were pinkish rather than black. I was so happy to see there was something to bring life back to her foot.



Accident – Fell on Ice (Red Laser, Green Laser, Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

I had a demonstration where people came by to see the products in a church hall.  When it was all finished on a Friday after midnight, I was doing a delivery to a consultant who was taking off first thing the next morning.  In the dark, I did not see a sheet of glared ice as I was hurrying to the door, my feet went out from underneath me and I feel my knee go backwards and crashed down upon my kneecap and my hip lying there unable to move for 2 minutes.  My friend noticed I wasn’t coming to the door and came out and helped me hobble to the car to make the delivery.  The lady had to come to my car as I was too badly injured.  I got the Red and Green Laser and Infinity Pointer out of my purse shining them on my kneecap area and said I need to go to the hospital where I was admitted.  I was 9 hours in emergency, had some X-rays and when the doctor came to examine my knee, it appeared there were no fractures but looked like I ripped the ligaments off of the bone since I wasn’t able to put any weight on my leg.  I’d have to wear a splint or a cast with fiberglass and foam which would immobilize my leg and when the inflammation was down they’d look at surgery to reattach the ligaments.  My initial assessment was I would have months of pain.  I had all my products with me so while in the emergency room I got them out, put a frequency disc underneath my knee and put Mint Matrix on it.  My knee was swelled up to 3 times it’s size but I wasn’t having hardly any pain.  They put the splint on and had to use crutches.  At home I continued using the products faithfully and regularly and I am amazed to find that after the initial 2 days of inflammation I was hardly having any pain which is unusual for having an injury like this.  It is now day 6 and I am able to put my foot down on the floor putting weight on it, whereas they told me it would be quite a few weeks.  I am so amazed at the body’s ability to heal itself so quickly when given the information that our products contain and operating at such a level that I am doing excelerated healing.



Acne (Citrus Silk, Green Laser, Sirius Silver)

My grandson has really bad acne and has tried everything and it just doesn’t work.  So he’s been coming down here and just after 3 times of rubbing the Citrus Silk on twice a day, followed with the Green Laser and topping it off with a spray of the Sirius Silver, his skin looks like it was when he was 4 years old.  His acne is drying up and he just beams as he is beginning to have a normal look again.



Blood Pressure (Green Laser)

One of my favorite ZPG tools is the Green Laser.   It has a very profound effect on the body–it addresses organs and body systems through the meridians or pressure points.  Over the past 10 years doctors have tried to get me to take blood pressure medication-they keep calling my blood pressure borderline and much to their dismay, I’ve been refusing.  Last May my Chiropractor suggested I start using the Green Laser on the 9 heart meridians on my left arm.  My acupuncturist suggested that I add 2 large intestine meridians and 2 liver meridians.  So I shined the laser on each of these points for 30 seconds each 3x/day and that’s all it took to see a positive change in my blood pressure within 10 days.  In August I had my annual physical and my doctor called my blood pressure ‘perfect’.  The meridians are HT for heart (1-9); LI for large intestine (4); LR for liver (3).  Just want to say “thank you” Zero Point for keeping me chemical free.



Burn Sirius Pointer (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser, Mint Matrix)

I was at a youth conference on Saturday making hot chocolate and was pouring a huge container of hot water to make the drink and got boiling water all over my left hand which hurt a lot.  As soon as I could put it down, I disappeared and first used the Pointer, then the Silver and Red & Green Laser.  Each thing I did helped a little but when I put the Mint Matrix on, the pain stopped.  No scarring or blistering, no residual pain or nothing.



Canker Sore (Green Laser)

Yesterday I had a canker sore come up on my lower lip and my tooth was catching it.  I have the Green Laser which I used on it for a minute and watched the canker sore go from an open sore to being closed over and the swelling must have gone down as my tooth didn’t catch it after that.



Cold – Symptoms (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Mint Matrix, Citrus Silk)

I’ve been using these products for over 2-1/2 years now and I love them all.  I have not been sick for years with a cold or the flu and I am a nurse who’s around people all the time and have a private practice doing vibrational healing work.  I always work to boost my immune system up.  Well, I woke up this morning and felt cold symptoms like someone turning on the faucet.  I told myself – no, this is not happening and went to town with my tools.  I used the Sirius Silver first spraying around my face and in my nose.  I used the Green Laser because it’s so supportive of putting the systems into balance energetically.  So I used it on my throat, around my nose, my sinuses and the 4 points of the body.  Then I used the Mint Matrix and Citrus Silk layering them on my face and I have to tell you that within an hour I had no more cold symptoms for the whole day.



Cold – Virus (Sirius Silver, Green Laser)

My husband’s roommate had a horrible runny nose & it was getting worse.  My husband started sniffling and commented he hoped he wasn’t getting sick.  I gave him the Sirius silver to spray 2x up his nose and shined the green laser up his nostrils for about 5 seconds each.  His sniffles stopped and he had no more through the night.  The next morning his roommate sounded worse, so my husband told him what we did, so I asked if he wanted to try this and he did.  He sprayed the Sirius Silver 2x up each nostril and sniffed it up.  Then I shined the green laser pointer up his nostrils about 15 seconds each since he had this for a few days.  He was immediately relieved of the runny nose and felt his sinuses were clearing, but complained of a sore throat.  I suggested he spray 3-4 sprays at the back of his throat and after he did his sore throat subsided as well.  That evening I asked him if he needed the Sirius silver again and he said he felt it was clearing itself and wanted to see without using it again.  The next morning he sounded like he had no issues and reported as much.



Cramps – Menstral (Intention Disc, Green Laser, Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix)

My daughter has been having unusually strong menstrual cramps & heavy bleeding afterward.  On 10/2/11, she didn’t tell me until after the cramps had subsided.  I had the Intention Discs & Green NaturaLaser, so I shined it on her lower abdomen and gave her the Intention Disc, which she held and then rubbed around her abdomen.  The next day she said her flow had reduced to less than what was normal on the 2nd day.  On 10/29/11, she told me when she had the cramps so I had her take the Frequency Disc to bed with her.  On 10/30/11, she said the pain was gone, but she still was having very heavy bleeding, so I had her put a drop of Mint Matrix in her belly button and rub a drop on her lower abdomen, insides of her feet near her Achilles, and then I shined the Green NaturaLaser in her naval for 30 seconds.  Later that day she said her flow was normal again and felt much better.

My daughter wanted to see if the Frequency Disc would help her and to her amazement it stuck to her abdomen while she was standing.  This was after her bout with the cramps & heavy bleeding, but she has had stomach problems all of her life so we believe it was working on that area.  She said it felt like it was sucking in more, so I asked if I could take a picture and she said “Oh yeah, it sure is proof it really does this – Awesome!”



Diabetes (Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I’m a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor and have been using laser technology for the last 15 years.  I’m quite versed in it – I do a lot of sports teams & world class athletes.  I was skeptical when I heard about ZeroPoint Global’s products but hearing about the frequencies embedded in the lasers I thought was really intriguing.  So yesterday I had an opportunity to use it on a patient with severe diabetes and peripheral neuropathy mostly in the feet but now starting in the hands.  I used my expensive lasers on him on previous treatments and I got about a 50% effectiveness with the extreme pain that he had and about 50% of the numbness removed from the feet.  So I took the Green laser along with the pointer doing a combination of both and almost immediately he was 100% better – no pain.  Results were immediate and way beyond my expectations in regards to this product and I am just thrilled and certainly going to let everybody know about this product that I can.



Ear Infection (Sirius Silver, Green Laser)

On 10/8/11, I flew to San Diego from Las Vegas to stay with my Husband for a couple of weeks where he is working.  I noticed some physical imbalance on 10/9, but attributed it to the flight (up & back down in an hour) & drive through elevations because my ears had plugged up many times.  On 10/10, my Husband invited several of his friends over for tacos & Monday Night Football.  I had felt weak legged and foggy all day and after the guys were there for about an hour, I got up from my chair & walked about 2 feet, lost my balance and had to grab onto one of the guy’s chairs to keep from completely falling.  I regained my balance and felt ok after about 15 seconds.  About 1 hour later we all decided to eat, so I and one of the guys went into the kitchen to start getting everything out.  I walked in, turned around to go to the refrigerator and without notice buckled at the waist sending me straight down to the floor onto my forehead.  He asked me a couple of times if I was alright while he was picking me up to get me to a chair.  I ate and went to bed.  The next day I was still weak legged, foggy & worried about it happening again with no one there, so started researching which of the products to use.  I also chatted with my friend Sandi and she told me there was a virus going around that was causing dizziness and passing out and that years ago she had an ear problem that caused this and pain over a 6 month period and there was no way she could have been on an airplane.   Well, that really scared me because I had to do that in a couple of weeks, so I looked back in my notes from the conference while Sandi and I were putting our heads together (mind you I wasn’t all there) and found where Lorraine had used the Sirius Silver on her neck for an ear infection and it went away.  So, I sprayed it on my neck on both sides and felt a little bit better.  So, I decided to spray once into each ear with my head tilted to let it settle into it for a minute…and then shined the Green NaturaLaser in each ear for 30 seconds.  Within 5 minutes I was 90% better, so two hours later I did it again.  I was completely fine after that with no reoccurrence.  And I was so HAPPY I wasn’t going to have to deal with what might have been a pretty debilitating condition!



Ear – Infection (Green Laser, Citrus Silk)

I have had good results with ear infections.  I was at my son’s house over Thanksgiving and one of the neighbor’s boys had an ear infection which the Chiropractor said it was milk allergies so they took him off milk for several days.  He was better but she wanted me to test him and his ear was still testing weak.  I loaned her a Green Laser to use for the weekend.  She shined it in his ear for 1 minute twice a day for 3 days and brought it back when I retested it and it was really strong.  I myself had congestion in my ear – I tried the Silver but that didn’t do anything so I took some Citrus Silk and put some on the outside and not directly down in the ear and used the Laser twice and it totally went away.



Eyes – Vision Improved (Sirius Silver, Red Laser, Green Laser)

I was on my way to an event and lost my glasses somehow.  I have not been to live without them for the last 25 years without getting blasting headaches, sick, disorientated, falling over and everything a blur.  Just today I took off my glasses and can read the small print on my calendar.  I am getting my eyesight back.  I threw away my medications a week ago and have not touched them since.  I feel better now than I’ve ever felt in my whole life.  Both of my doctors said “we don’t know what’s happened but your organs are all testing 100% normal – you do not have to come see us anymore unless you are experiencing heart pain or whatever – just do what you’re doing) (always check with your doctor first if your issue is well enough to cut down on meds)



Gastroparesis (Mint Matrix, Basic Pendant, Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

A friend of mine, Pam, came over to the hospital to visit me about 12 days ago inviting me to come over to her house when I got out.  I am 45 and for 26 years I have been misdiagnosed and undiagnosed and now finally diagnosed with Gastroparesis which is paralysis of the gastro system and many people die from this.  For 20 years I was told this was all in my head and now telling me this and there is no cure.

This last year has been the hardest out of the last 4 in which I lost my colon a year ago and have survived that.  I have had many brushes with death during this time.  I had enough energy to get to church on Sunday and the next Sunday and was thinking I’ve got to get with Pam and start drinking more water, getting on the oils and doing the things I need to do.  I am so sensitive and cannot tolerate medications.  The patch makes me so nauseous making me almost black out and I have terrible reactions to everything.

The Mint Matrix is now taking the place of a medicine that was barely working.  I am able to eat whereas I was unable before.  I am using the water bottle which gives me more fluid in my body than drinking regular water which is helping tremendously with my hydration.  I am using the pendants, the lasers, and the discs.  The opening from my stomach to my small intestine I don’t believe is functioning properly and I am in so much pain that radiates all the way to my back.  I detoxed my pyloric area and drained some bile and there is so much that has been damaged from the inside all these years being told it was all in my head.

By using the products for 12 days now, I have been able to do some things I haven’t been able to for 3 years.  I was able to get out and see some people I hadn’t seen for a very long time and even danced a little.  The only way I can describe this is like a volcano with hot lava – the lava being the energy that is being able to build and build and build in my body that is keeping me up and going.  The energy I had when I was young is coming back.  I have a lot of faith and know I have a purpose in this world and work very hard towards goals I have set.  I know these products are helping me and God gave us this natural earth to use and not use things that kill, like pesticides and drugs with fillers to medicate and damage our bodies.

The frequency disc that I put on my stomach last week—I’m in a stage 5 pain now going to a 3, which has been dropping down from a 9 and 10.  I have not been in a 3 for over 4 years in which I had been falling on the floor with pain but not anymore.  I thank God for someone finding out how to utlilize products to help us.  I have been in the hospital more than out the last 6 months and never going back again.  I’m up dancing and that’s the way it’s going to stay and this is turning around in just 12 days!



Gum Bleeding (Red Laser, Green Laser)

I have this one upper tooth that bleeds like a stuck pig every time I brush my teeth – been going on a long time.   After I am done brushing, I have been using the Red Laser about 2 minutes on the outside followed with the Green for another 2 minutes 2x/day.   I have noticed a big difference in that the bleeding is MUCH less after about a week.



Gum Infection (Red Laser, Green Laser)

Just yesterday I had an infection come up under one of my teeth which was all puffed up and was hurting.  I first applied the Red Laser for couple minutes, then the Green.  I kept this up, alternating the 2 and at the end of 1 hour the infection was completely gone and never returned.



Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Mint Matrix, Green Laser)

For the last 3 years my brother Melvin has been fighting Irritable Bowel Syndrome… as well as joint pain/discomfort, general malaise with short term memory loss and poor appetite.  He at times is very argumentative, firmly positioning himself as always correct.

Jan. 26th: Using Litmus Paper Strips his saliva tested approximately #6 on the Acidic/Alkaline strip

Jan.28th after twelve hour fasting 8AM  PH saliva test was 8 on the Acidic/Alkaline PH scale

Jan. 29th Fasting  8AM Saliva PH Test ……tested 8 on Acidic/Alkaline Scale

Jan.30th his Acidic/Alkaline tested  8 on the Acidic/Alkaline Scale

Possibly incorporating  more healthy foods into his daily and drinking daily approx 4 to 6  glasses of ZAP water with two drops of Mint Matrix added to each glass then green lasering his four body points approximately 30 to 50 seconds per session four times daily helped to move his body towards a more balanced state of wellness.

Melvin now has a hearty appetite eating a well balanced meal three times daily. His attitude is more positive and is enjoying being here with us. His balance has dramatically improved and walks independently with no support or guidance…He independently climbs up and down our stairs from one level to the other with confidence with no sign of weakness.

Melvin has not used the walker since entering our home..all above symptoms and health issues are not being presented to date. He says he is only stiff from sitting too long…needs to become more active….working on that. The last two days he is more joyful moving towards positive outlook and enjoying life.



Kidney Infection (Green Laser)

I used the Green Laser on the acupuncture points of the body on my daughter who was screaming in pain with a real bad kidney infection.  After I lasered her she fell asleep and had no kidney infection after that.



Mole (Citrus silk, Green Laser)

I had a mole on my face about the size of a pencil eraser.  I applied the Citrus Silk about 4x/day and then used the Green Laser for 5 min each time.  By the 2nd day it was drying up and I was able to lift half of it up and by the end of 5 days was able to remove it off completely.



Pain – Back – Upper/Shoulder (Sodalite Window Pendant, Frequency Disc, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I thought I would show you a couple of photos I had taken today of one of the ZeroPoint Global pendants and one of the frequency disc.  Marilyn (my wife) and I take about 15 minutes each to use the energy devices on each other to help eliminate any particular aches and pains.  Well, for about a month now, Marilyn has been experiencing a reoccurring pain in upper right area of her back.  She thinks that it might be caused by the position of her head when viewing her computer monitor.  I’ve been using the red, green pointers and Infinity pointer on her each evening during our sessions and it would help diminish the pain but would gradually return by the end of the next day.

Well, we also wear the pendants that ZeroPoint Global provides which helps also with various areas of our well being including less physical aches, more strength, balance, focus ability, less stiffness, more energy level and emotional well being among other things.  We wear these pendants 24/7 and Marilyn had noticed during the last couple of weeks that the pendant she wears around her neck has changed location when she has waken up a couple of mornings so this morning she showed me where her pendant ends up, always in the same area and it’s stuck to this area like a magnet.  I took a photo of it this morning to verify that it does indeed gravitate and stick in this particular area.  This pendant is called the Sodalite Window Pendant.

During this evening, she took it away from the area and put one of the frequency discs on the area and it also stuck snugly to the skin where it currently resides as I type this email.  We are hoping that the frequency disc will do the same thing as it had done with another health issue she had experienced for about three years. We had spent about $15,000 in diagnostic medical bills without resolving the problem and then using the frequency disc just one time with it sticking to the area for a couple of hours and has thus far, resolved the problem for abut two months now as she had been having pain and nausea every week or two for about three years.  Below, I’m inserting photos of the pendant from this morning and the frequency disk from this evening.



Pain – Feet (Intention Disc, Sodalite Pendant, Basic Pendant, Mint Matrix, Green Laser)

About 15 years ago when I owned my own Dance Studio, from overuse, I had the Metatarsals in my feet fall and they sit on the nerves in my feet.  I was unable to walk for about a year but I continued teaching by sitting in a rolling chair and pulling myself along the floor to be able to teach my students.  The only things doctors wanted to do was to put steel rods in my feet so I could not bend my toes anymore but it would hold the Metatarsals up off my nerves hoping to not have any more pain but I would essentially have club feet because there would be no flexibility in them.  I told them NO – I would just live with the pain.

I did get some relief from the previous company’s product.  On September 15th when I read how to use the Intention Disc and the Sodalite Pendant in clearing trauma from the cells in your body, I went to bed that night with the Intention Disc in my left hand and the Sodalite Pendant in the right hand and followed exactly what it said on the protocol sheet about releasing any trauma left over from this event and the ensuing years that could be held in memory in the cells in my feet.  I also held 2 of the different ZPG pendants – I had left a pair of socks on and put the pendants in the socks on top of my metatarsals down by my toes, so I went to bed when I did this.

In about 2 minutes of repeating this information in different ways instructing my body to let go and release this – all of a sudden it was like someone turned the burner up on the gas stove and it was just like WOOSH.  I could feel and see in my mind’s eye that white ball of energy being held in each hand and sitting on the top of each foot – it was a very, very intense feeling.  Everyone may not have this kind of response – different things happen for different people but that is what happened for me. It was a feeling of energy that lasted for 5 or 6 minutes and I slept so well that night and didn’t get up one time.

The next morning when I got up I could feel the carpet and wiggle my toes – normally my toes were like webbed toes but I could wiggle them.  When I put on my shoes and socks, I could feel the texture of my socks and could feel my shoes.  Normally the only way I could get feeling like that is with reflexology done on my feet and would last 2 or 3 days and then it would come back to the numb feeling.  I still have that feeling in my feet and this is October 10th.  The other thing I did was apply the Mint Matrix all over my feet and then ran the Green Laser over them.   That brought the intensity up.  What I felt originally was from the Intention Disc and Sodalite Pendant which gave me a boost.  The constant pain is gone and what I feel is a buzzing energy.  That is huge for me.

I went to the convention and people commented they couldn’t believe how long I was able to stand on my feet, walking, maneuvering etc – they were just amazed at how much more I was able to do.  Yes, I was tired and yes they started hurting again but the improvement was amazing.  The night I had gone up to Rick Bergen’s room when everyone was invited up for drinks, conversation and snacks.  I had decided I was going to my room as it was late but I went up and handed my empty cup to Rick Fleshman to throw away but he filled it up and I sat down next to his wife and Sandi from WI was standing next to me and someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if they could borrow my Sodalite Pendant that I was wearing.   Someone wanted to use it for clearing of trauma – I said sure – just bring it back when you’re done.

When they took it off of my neck I just had this over-whelming sense of loss like a relative had been taken away from and tears started rolling down my cheek.  I was totally blown away.  Pretty soon she brought it back and said the gal was having such a release with just the Intention Disc and didn’t want to use the Sodalite Pendant so I said ok.  I put it back on and I was okay again.  I don’t believe I will be taking it off again.



Pain – Finger (Green Laser)

I was setting up for a Zero Point meeting several months ago carrying folding chairs into an elevator and was hurrying to get in before the door closed and my finger was pinched between the hinges of one of the chairs.  Immediately a huge blood blister formed along with a sharp pain.  I finished loading the elevator and pushed the button for third floor.  I pulled out my Green Laser and was shining it on this wonderful new injury.  From the time it took to ride from the first to the third floor the blood blister completely disappeared and the pain was gone as well.  This was all within a minute and very dramatic.  Zero Point is truly the medicine of the future.



Pain – Fingernail (Citrus Silk, Green Laser)

I let my nails grow long and happened to hit my middle finger at work.  It bent the nail half way down the nail bed which hurt and bled.  When I got home I put the Citrus Silk on it 3 times and used the Green Laser.  The next day I could touch it and it didn’t hurt.



Pain – Gout (Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

Yesterday when I woke up my big toe on right foot was solidly swollen looking like the gout was coming back.  I’ve had gout so bad from my big toe all the way up my leg in one night.  Lu said “maybe I shouldn’t have gotten off the gout meds” but I said no, I have worked and worked on it putting Mint Matrix, Sirius Silver, Citrus Silk, using the Red and Green Laser and the Sirius Pointer over and over little increments at a time.  I woke up today and my right foot is in better shape now than the left one which I hadn’t worked on too much yesterday.  The gout or whatever it was is gone.  I can waggle my toe which I could hardly move before.  I had really bad pain in it yesterday.  When I drove by the hockey rings yesterday, I said to myself I’m going to skate again and play hockey which I had thought was a thing of the past for me.  I know it’s coming.



Pain – Knee (Green Laser)

A friend had pain in her knee caps and always had problems walking.  She got the Green Laser and every day she would use it real quick, less than a minute going up and down on her leg and then her knee cap and cross wise and that was it.  Within a few weeks, her pain was totally gone and never came back.



Pain – Knee (Red Laser, Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

I just wanted to share a little tip.  I walk on a treadmill daily and when I get done walking, my right knee will ache throughout the day because of some arthritis I have in it.  I had been using the Red and Green Lasers on it which would relieve the pain for a short time and then it would come back.  So what I’ve done is taken a couple of the frequency discs and wrap them around the knee with an ace bandage after being on the treadmill, leaving them there for an hour or so and it pretty well eliminates most of the aching and does a much better job. Everyone’s body is different and this is what works best for me.



Pain – Rotator Cuff, Bursitis (Sirius Silver, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer, Frequency Disc)

My sister came over and told me she had deep pain and stiffness throughout her rotator cuff that sent shooting pain when she used it at work, which is quite often.  She couldn’t raise it 1/3 up her side and around at all without pain. We sprayed Sirius Silver over the top of her rotator and I shined the Green NaturaLaser over that area for 30 seconds.  She felt a little better, but it was still pretty stiff and painful.

We discussed that the Red NaturaLaser might be better to use since it is primarily for muscular/skeletal, but I didn’t have it yet.  However, I did have the Sirius Infinity Pointer so I got it and circled the top of her rotator cuff for 30 seconds.  She said she felt better yet, but asked to see if the Frequency Disc would help more.  She ran it up her arm and it stuck right at her rotator cuff for about 10 minutes and then fell off. Within 5 minutes she said she could feel popping in the whole area like the fluid sac was releasing.  The next day she reported it was still a little stiff, but she felt it was 80% better so was really glad we used the Sirius Infinity Pointer and Frequency Disc.  We are looking forward to using the Red NaturaLaser and/or Sirius Infinity Pointer on it again soon and we’ll have an update!

Update: When I asked my Sister on 11/8/11 how her rotator cuff was feeling, she said she hadn’t had any pain, could still move her arm up above her head and completely around with no pain.  She said, “Most of all I don’t have the dull ache from my Chronic Bursitis every day”.  I said, “What? I thought you had a pain in your shoulder area, I never knew this was chronic!”  Funny, how we just deal with pain and don’t think about it until it flares up.  On 11/17/11, she said she still has no pain or dull ache in her shoulder.



Pain – Shingles Mint Matrix, Red Laser Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

This past summer a week after my mom passed away and with the stress of it all showed up in what I believe was Shingles in my mouth.  It was greatly painful.  I did use energy tools to help reduce the pain, but ever since then being the end of July, my teeth didn’t feel like they sat in my mouth.  I just felt this excess pressure.  The Mint Matrix did provide some relief as well as using the Lasers.  A friend of mine had been using the frequency disc on her face to remove the lifelines.  So I took my disc to bed laying it on my face and sleeping with it that way on each cheek.  I did that for quite awhile and today I noticed that I don’t have that problem or feeling of the pressure every time I bite down – it just happened.



Pain – Shoulder (Frequency Disc, Mint Matrix, Green Laser, Red Laser)

I’ve been having a problem with my left shoulder for years related to workouts at the gym.  I was experimenting and applied the frequency discs to the left side of my back and much to my surprise, 3 of them stuck for 15 minutes. A fourth disc stuck for 1 hour on the upper part of my back, behind my left shoulder.  I then rubbed the Mint Matrix on my shoulder and used the green laser on that area for two minutes. On a scale of 1-10, the pain went from a 5-6 down to a 2-3.

Update:  After just receiving the red lasers, that night I rubbed 3 drops of the Mint Matrix on my shoulder, used the red laser for a minute or so and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning virtually pain free.  My shoulder is feeling dramatically better! It’s just amazing to me how well these products work.

Update:  I have had an ongoing thing with my shoulder and get these things in my back called ‘trigger points’ which are little knots in the muscle.  Pam helped me located one of these near the scapula on my back on my left side.  So I put a small frequency disc on my mattress so it’s near that spot when I sleep on my back, and put a 2nd one right on the front of my shoulder where the pain seems to be most, like a sandwich, and I’ve been doing this for the last few nights and what I’ve found is that I am having great results in reducing the discomfort by using 2 of these instead of just the one.

Tom – MD


Sinus (Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Infinity Pointer)

I have been going through a huge issue of stress and long time sinus issue.  I have taken my lasers putting one on one side and one on the other side at night and I clip them with a binder clip so they stay on and hit the left and right lymphatic system which helps to detox the body.  You will go into a detox and get somewhat of a headache for a couple of days.  The stress is not bothering me like it was, I have more clarity and energy during the day, my breathing and sinuses are better and I feel totally different in my body.  I can feel it work in my whole body but start slow as it will detox you.  I sometimes put the Sirius Pointer in my belly button which helps tremendously with emotional things you are going through.



Anxiety – Taking Air Force Test (Red Laser, Mint Matrix, Intention Disc, Green Laser, Citrus Silk)

On 11/17/11 my Daughter had a test to take for entering the Air Force, which she knew was going to be very hard to pass.  She was very nervous and had a backache, so asked if I had something that would help.  I shined the Red NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, inside of her wrist, and back of her neck for about 30 seconds each.  I then put some Mint Matrix on the bottom and top of her spine and ran the Red NaturaLaser up and down her spine and across her hips.  I then handed her the Intention Disc and told her to hold it and state an intention for her nervousness to dissipate and be replaced with confidence and recall of what she learned from her studies.  She said her back felt much better and that she felt calmer.  She took the Intention Disc with her also and kept it in her pocket.  She said she didn’t pass the test, but did much better than on the pre-test and wasn’t tensed up at all.

Update:  On 12/1/11 my Daughter went to re-take her test after coming home early from work to use the products first.  She did not have a backache, so I had her put some Mint Matrix in her navel and rub the residual on her fingers on her temples.  Then I shined the Green NaturaLaser on her crown, her forehead, the inside of her wrist and at her brain stem area for about 30 seconds each.  I gave her the Intention Disc and told her to this time state she was ready to release any incoherent energy that kept her from passing her Air Force test and that it is now her intention to have full clarity and focus to allow her to pass it now.  She took the Intention Disc with her again along with a water bottle with Citrus Silk in it.  And…yes She PASSED!  She is so happy the products were available to help her get through this phase!



Cats – Eating (Sirius Infinity Pointer, Red Laser Green Laser)

My kitty cat cannot stop eating the food I give it that I place on a frequency disc, use the Sirius Pointer, and the Red and Green Laser on the food.  They can absolutely sense that the meal they will be having is fit for a King or Queen.  They smile and say WOW!   After they finish eating they are just so gentle and placid – no meow, meow, meow – plus no upchucking from gobbling their food down.  I work on their food with our products just like I work on my own food.



Cat – Seizure (Green Laser)

Tom found our cat, Lucy, in our basement and heard her give a distressed “Meow” which she does when a seizure is happening and she gets very disorientated like she is drunk and her eyes are dilated moving in an erratic way  and very upset.  In the past we would just spend time with her because she was disorientated.  I was waiting upstairs for our company to arrive and Tom was working on Lucy with the Green Laser and the minute the light hit the top of her head she sat down at his feet, became calm and began to purr and she was fine.  Still a little shaky on her feet but was fine and it was remarkable how fast she responded.



Dog – Hips (Green Laser, Frequency Disc)

I have my daughter with her fiance downstairs with her Siberian Husky.   On Wednesday when they went to work Shiloh was so shivery in the evening.   I’m in and out but take care of him when I’m home.  On Thursday Shiloh could not move because of having some trouble with his lower hips being so painful.  When my husband touched his lower back, Shiloh would bite at him.  We started wanding him yesterday with the old wand.  Then used the Green laser very intensely on him and placed the two 8” frequency discs underneath his bed.   These were there throughout the day.  He was just out and just looked at me so pleading like.  He did become more alert and would open his eyes, but I couldn’t get him to drink.  He wouldn’t move so we moved him to make him comfortable on his bed.   We wanded him again but used the Green Laser mainly throughout the day about every 2 hours while he was lying on the discs.  My daughter remarked he was better last evening, he was alert and she got him outside to go to the bathroom and he walked a bit.  This morning, he’s back to his normal self and is outside right now walking about.  He ate breakfast and is his normal self.  How do you like that? He is happy and my daughter is so happy as well.  They were ready to take him to the vet to have him put down as he is not a young animal.  He has always been very lively, even at 14 and he seems to have a total recovery which is absolutely amazing.



Pain – Arm (Frequency Disc, Citrus Silk, Mint Matrix, Red Laser, Green Laser, Sirius Silver, Aum Clay)

In preparation for an overseas trip I needed to get some vaccinations. My first vaccination was 3 months ago. After getting the vaccination I had limited range of motion in one shoulder, pain in the shoulder blade area, pain in the deltoid and  pectral area of that arm and pain at the injection site. I got a great deal of pain relief when I heard from others to start sleeping on my back on an 8″ Frequency disc with a 3.5″ disc on top. This got rid of the pain in my shoulder blade area in just a few nights, but the upper arm pain and limited range of motion has persisted even though I have consistently used the lasers or the Oil Veras on the area. I even used an ace bandage at night with 2 ZeroPoint pendants on either side of my upper arm. This also helped but didn’t completely get rid of the pain and limited range of motion. 3 days ago I added the Aum Clay.  I am now getting periods of relief of the pain and a consistant improvement to the range in motion.  I spray Sirius Silver on my upper arm to dampen it and then I dust on the clay with a makeup compact pad. We leave in the morning for our foreign travel and I have packed my Aum clay along with my Oil Veras, and lasers.



I wanted to experiment and find out if the Disc would actually create a higher pH value in water. So, I used some pH drops to see how acidic my R.O. was and it registered 5. I then put some R.O. water in another glass and let it sit there for 6 minutes. Tested it again and to my delight it raised to 6.5! I am guessing that the Disc and Lasers as well can raise any solid food to a higher pH which is always more healthy for a body.

Cheryl Peterson