Guest Speaker
Dr. Beverly Kune


Beverly Kune a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist, with 35 years of experience as a Clinical Counselor, Naturopathic Doctor, and licensed Bodyworker. Certified in Dr. Peter Levine’s seminal work (Somatic Experiencing), she is skilled at helping others release trauma patterning from the nervous system and deeper psyche to develop deeper resilience and self-regulation skills. As a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist, Beverly Kune helps clients free themselves from the old maps, default programs, self-limiting patterns, and beliefs which keep them stuck in repeating stories in their lives.

Additionally, Beverly Kune has been a Qi Gong practitioner since the early 1980s, and a Qi Gong instructor since 2015. She is certified in 3 different styles, and countless numbers of forms. She integrates Qi Gong with her work with clients to help them release old stuck patterns and behaviors — physical, mental-emotional, and perceptual, many of which are trauma-based. She has come to see the root of these stuck patterns as blocked energy which can be freed using specific Qi Gong exercises and approaches, tailored and individualized for each client.

Beverly Kune is the head of GDVSouthwest, a company specializing in Biofield research. She has conducted numerous research studies for companies around the world regarding comparative effectiveness of varying products, technologies and other bioenergetic interventions developed within the health and frequency medicine field, measuring their impact on the spatial field, water and the human biofield.

Beverly Kune is certified by KTI (Kirlionics Technologies International, the parent company of the GDV-EPI technology) as a GDV practitioner and analyst. She specializes in energy field studies that measure the impact of varying products on water, people, and surrounding fields.

Beverly Kune is also the creator of a Master’s Program in Mind-Body Studies for the University of Natural Medicine based in San Dimas California, and has been the Dean of that department since its inception through 2019. She is the author of these courses and primary instructor.

Beverly Kune, ND, LPCC, LMT

Beverly Kune has a Mind-Body Integrative Practice which combine her 4 different hats:
• Licensed Clinical Counselor
• Licensed Body-Worker
• Naturopathic Doctor
• Self-Empowerment Coach
Phone: 505-988-4816